In case you were wondering why there have been no recent updates to the Blog, unfortunately in May I happened to leave my camera at a venue where I was performing. When I arrived home, I noticed the camera was missing (as this is when I normally upload the photos and videos). I telephoned the venue as I knew exactly where I had left it. Of course being around 2.00 am, there was nobody there to answer the telephone and no opportunity to leave a message. In the morning, I rang again and was informed that whilst a number of items had been handed in, my camera was unfortunately not amongst those items. They took my and the camera details in the event that it was found or turned in – but alas no one ever called to say it had been recovered. Between one thing and another, I have not had the opportunity to purchase another camera until very recently. I am currently familiarising myself with the camera and in the next week or two the Blog updates will resume. I look forward to sharing the forthcoming events with you.