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DJ:Plus! Entertainment Featured on Polka Dot Wedding!


Polka Dot Wedding is an Australian based Wedding blog and has become renowned for “feel good” weddings.

Over the past number of years, DJ:Plus! Entertainment has been proud to have been featured many times on Polka Dot weddings. Whether it was an interview, article to assist couples with their wedding, an emotional photograph that I captured or a theme inspired song list, I am always extremely honoured that my contribution is sought.

Below, for your convenience, I have provided links to all the featured pieces to date on Polka Dot Wedding. Enjoy!! [Click on Title or Image to access article].

Nature Inspired Reception Songs To Set The Scene

Image: Wander & Follow Images


10 Perfect Nature Inspired Songs For Your Ceremony

Image: Matt Elliott Photography


Why You Need To Consider Having A DJ Play During Wedding Cocktail Hour

Image: Sayher Heffernan


Emily & Mitch’s Fun, Rustic & Revved Up Wedding In Bathurst

Image: Danni Evans Photography


What Would They Know? Serge of DJ:Plus! Entertainment – Second Interview

Image: DJ:Plus! Entertainment


The Ultimate Beach Wedding Playlist

Image: DJ:Plus! Entertainment


“Hey Mr. DJ”- What Are The Ultimate Dance Floor Crowd Pleasers?

Image: MTW Productions


How to Focus On The Fun At Your Wedding

Image: Phoebe Powell Photography


Magic Moments – A Bride’s Tears

Image: DJ:Plus! Entertainment


Pick Up The Phone and Call Your Wedding Vendors!

Image: White Rabbit Productions


Deciding When To End Your Reception

Image: DJ:Plus! Entertainment


What Would They Know? Serge of DJ:Plus! Entertainment – First Interview

Image: Diverze Photography


Great Wedding Song Covers

Image: Leo Farrell Photography


Unique Ways To Make Your Wedding Reception Fun

Image: Farrah Allen Photography


Vendor’s Favourites – DJ:Plus! Entertainment

Image Credits in Article

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DJ:Plus! Entertainment Featured In Cosmopolitan Bride Australia (Cosmo Bride) Winter 2012 Issue


DJ:Plus! Entertainment is extremely proud and excited to be featured as an Entertainment Expert in the current issue (Winter 2012) of Cosmopolitan Bride Australia (Cosmo Bride). The feature entitled “Creating your dream day … Experts’ Top Tips” includes information on how to have the best wedding ever.

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Sunday Telegraph Weddings Section | Madeline & Robert


As I have mentioned previously, each Sunday I look forward to reading the Wedding Section of the Sunday papers and each couples wedding day summary. I especially love being surprised by finding one of the couples that entrusted me with their day, being amongst those featured. Today not only was I excited to see Madeline & Robert’s wedding as one of the featured couples in the Sunday Telegraph Weddings Section – they actually were the lead wedding feature!!

Reading the summary of their wedding and the proposal on the beach reminded me of when I first met Madeline and Robert. Robert told me how he had planned the proposal, how he went down on one knee, how whilst the proposal was occurring waves came crashing in, how Madeline recalled that everything felt surreal. It reminded me of their beautiful ceremony, the wonderful reception and how much everyone had enjoyed the entire wedding day. I was delighted to recall the special moments of Madeline and Robert’s fantastic wedding and being able to enjoy them all over again. Isn’t it great how a simple wedding photo in the Sunday Paper can bring back so much!!

Scan of Feature from Sunday Telegraph Weddings Section, 20 March 2011 (Click on Feature to enlarge)
Madeline and Robert’s Wedding

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Sunday Telegraph Weddings Section | Alison & Kieran


One of the best things about each of the two Sydney Sunday papers is their respective wedding section. Each Sunday I look forward to reading about the featured couples and their wedding day story. This morning I was very pleasantly surprised and excited to see Alison & Kieran as one of the featured couples in the Sunday Telegraph Weddings Section.

Seeing their photograph and reading the summary of their wedding transported me back to their wonderful and highly emotional celebration and it gave me great joy to replay elements of their special and amazing day in my mind. It also reminded me that the key to a fun and successful wedding is the pre-production work. Alison, Kieran and I committed a lot of time to this process and we certainly had a lot of fun along the way, but most importantly, the result was – a wedding day that dreams are made of!

Scan of Feature from Sunday Telegraph Weddings Section, 28 March 2010 (Click on Feature to enlarge) Alison and Kieran’s Wedding

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Sunday Telegraph Wedding Story


I was very surprised this morning to see a photograph of Suzy Batkovic and a number of her bridesmaids in the Sunday Telegraph (31 May 2009). Why? Well I had the honour and privilege of being chosen to provide the entertainment for the reception. I hope to complete a detailed blog post on the reception in the next day or so, but wanted to share this newspaper report in the interim.

Scan of item as it appeared in the Sunday Telegraph 31 May 2009 (Click item to read)

The Photograph from Sunday Telegraph Website

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