Private Residence

  • Wedding Ceremony & Reception | 2 March 2014 | Barbara & Warren | Private Residence, Kurrajong

    Barbara and Warren are a beautiful couple who first met a few years ago on a bus trip from Sydney to Melbourne. They started dating soon afterwards and have been inseparable ever since. As their friendship grew and blossomed into a deep love, they soon realised that  they wanted to be with each other forever. Their love and devotion for each other is unique, genuine and special. From leaving little love notes in lunchboxes to jointly caring for their ‘family’ of animals, Tommy, Ringo, Big Dog and the Birdies, which they love dearly, to enjoying the simple things in life, they place all their energy in making sure their relationship is full of happiness, because at the end of the day, that is what is most important to them.

    Even though the rain somewhat spoiled plans for their outdoor ceremony, surrounded by family, friends and a whole heap of love, they exchanged vows to become husband and wife. Please allow me to share a beautiful reading from the ceremony which truly expresses how Barbara and Warren feel about each other;

    I Love You Because

    I love you because you’re my future,
    my present and part of my past.
    My world has been turning so quickly,
    and time just keeps moving so fast.

    I love you because you have something,
    no ordinary person could give.
    Warmth that I will cling to forever,
    and hold onto as long as I live.

    I love you because your devotion,
    is tender and wonderfully rare.
    And no-one could ever imagine
    the magical moments we share.

    I love you because you are truthful,
    your eyes hold a key to my heart.
    I know that you share my commitment,
    and I know that we never shall part.

    I love you because you are wonderful.
    and you give me all that I need.
    A hug when I seek reassurance,
    and a smile when we’ve disagreed.

    I love you because – I just love you,
    for too many reasons to say.
    And I’ll always be right here beside you,
    a breath and a heartbeat away.

    Whilst it rained off and on throughout the day, everybody enjoyed themselves as we had guests ‘sing for their supper’,  messages from overseas, lovely speeches and dancing, including an impromptu pole dance by a guest and the mother of the groom, utilising the centre pole of the marquee which had everyone in stitches from the laughter.

    The theme for Barbara and Warren’s wedding was butterflies – when Barbara’s grandfather passed away she always saw butterflies at his grave, then when Barbara and Warren moved into their house together, two butterflies comfortably placed themselves on the fly screen door of their home. Needless to say Barbara and Warren both feel very blessed and supported by her grandparents in their love for each other.

    Barbara and Warren it was such a privilege and honour to be a part of your wedding day as your Hawkesbury Wedding DJ & MC and a great personal pleasure to get to know you both. I know you have a very special love and I know that, that love will grow stronger with each and every passing day.  May love, laughter and music continue to fill your lives forever!!!

    YouTube video

    Photography and Video by DJ:Plus! Entertainment

    Songs selected by Bride and Groom;

    Brides Processional: “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran

    Register Signing: “500 Miles” by Sleeping At Last, “All Of Me” by John Legend

    Recessional: “Feel The Love” by Rudimental

    Bride & Groom Entry: “#Beautiful” by Mariah Carey Feat. Miguel

    Cake Cutting: “I Won’t Let You Go” by James Morrison

    First Dance: “I Belong To You” byEros Ramazzotti & Anastacia

    Bouquet Toss: “Girls On Top” by Girl Thing

    Garter Toss: “Let’s Get Ridiculous” by Redfoo

    Farewell Dance: “You’re The First, My Last, My Everything” by Barry White

    Other Wedding Professionals

    Celebrant: Adrian Harrison

    Photographer: AJ Photography

    Cake Designer: Amanda’s Cakes & Invitations

  • Private Event | 4 May 2013 | Private Residence, Sydney

    DJ:Plus! Entertainment was extremely honoured to have been selected by one of the wedding industries best Floral Designers and Stylists to provide the entertainment on the occasion of her milestone birthday celebration. Vesna was organising her birthday celebration and was not having much luck finding the ‘right’ person to take care of the entertainment. I received a call from her, and whilst I was available, did suggest that I probably was not the best fit as I specialised in and had a great passion for weddings. We proceeded to have a lengthy chat about the industry in general and other things, but concluded that she would continue with her search. Three days later I received another call from Vesna, following her further search, asking if I would be a part of her celebration as no one else appeared to care or made her feel comfortable as I did. I am so glad I agreed to be a part of her birthday celebration!!

    It was initially quite windy and it looked like it might rain when I arrived, but the wind died down, the sky cleared and the scene was set for a wonderful celebration. Held at Vesna’s residence, guests enjoyed a lovely evening chatting, drinking, eating, dancing, pole dancing, partying and having heaps of fun. With a “Red Carpet” theme and a mandatory hat to be worn by everyone, guests really got into the spirit of the celebration and helped create some beautiful memories for Vesna. Each time I tried to wrap up the evening, everyone yelled for more, to which I was more than happy to oblige, finally wrapping it up an hour later!!!

    Thank you Vesna for calling me back, if you hadn’t I would not have had the opportunity to meet your lovely family [by the way, what a great name your husband has 😉 !!] and all your fantastic friends who truly care for you and wanted you to have the best time ever! I am sure you will look back on this celebration with many, many fond memories. It was such an honour and pleasure to be a part of it. Hope you like the photos I managed to take and look forward to our paths crossing at someone’s wedding soon.

    Red carpet which greeted guests on arrival!

    YouTube video

    Photography & Video by DJ:Plus! Entertainment

  • Wedding Ceremony & Reception | 16 February 2013 | Julie & Joseph | Private Residence, Sydney

    Julie and Joe are a lovely couple who had met almost six years earlier. For their first date they went to see Pirates of the Caribbean III and dinner. Love blossomed and here we were on their wedding day. Even the mixed weather could not dampen their spirit and love they share. Just as I arrived, there was a downpour which partially flooded the reception marquee and caused some safety issues around my set up, however with a little ingenuity, Joe and I resolved the issue and we were ready to go – we just hoped that the rain would stop in time for the ceremony.

    The ceremony and reception was held at the home of one of Julie’s good friends on the outskirts of Sydney. This beautiful property had stunning views towards the City and it’s surrounds and really was a beautiful location for a wedding. The weather gods in their wisdom ended up giving Julie and Joe the most perfect day.

    As the clock struck 4:00 pm, the processional music started and the bridesmaids, which consisted of and Julie & Joe’s daughters, Rheannon, Erinn, Tara and Lily commenced their walk to the ceremony area, followed by Julie, escorted by her mum, Sheila. Waiting was Joe and best man Nicholas. Guests then witnessed a lovely ceremony officiated by Vicky Watson where they both professed their deep love for each other. This was followed by the sand ceremony with each member of this now blended family pouring a layer of coloured sand. The Marriage Register was then signed before Julie and Joe made their way back down the aisle as husband and wife.

    Whilst Julie and Joe were having photographs around this magnificent property, guests were served refreshments, finger food and enjoyed the great view. A little while later guests were invited to take their seats inside the marquee before we officially welcomed the entire wedding party. Joe thanked everyone for being a part of their special day and encouraged them to have a good time.

    A buffet of delicious Italian food had been prepared and was ready however during one of our planning sessions we decided that in order to avoid a long queue at the buffet, that we would have an activity to determine when a specific table would be released to the buffet line.  Whilst the wedding party were helping themselves to the buffet, I explained to the guests that as a table they would need to select a song which contained the word “Love” and when called up, the table needed to serenade Julie and Joe until either of them decided that they had heard enough and only then could they join the buffet line. Guests were discussing songs, googling songs and lyrics and had heaps of FUN singing, dancing (this particular table assured me that Gangnam Style definitely has the word ‘Love’ in it, it is just in Korean), participating and watching the other tables perform. Check out all the smiles in the photo & video further below.

    After everyone had finished their meal, we proceeded with the speeches. First up Julie’s mum, Sheila, followed by Best Man, Nicholas, Joe and impromptu speeches from Joe’s daughters, Tara and Lily. The cutting of the wedding cake and time for more fun and games whilst guests waited for their dessert. In the first activity Julie and Joe were seated back to back in the centre of the dance floor, I then had them remove their shoes and swap so that they had one of each shoe. I then asked them a series of questions to see how well they knew each other. To answer each question they would raise the appropriate shoe and being seated back to back, they could not see each others replies, which resulted in some great reactions from the guests. Once again great FUN! This was then followed by a silly dance activity which had 4 random couples doing the chicken dance before dessert was served.

    It was now time for the first dance where mid way through Julie & Joe were joined by the wedding party and the guests. We then partied the night away. The bouquet toss and then the farewell dance where guests ended up forming a circle around Julie and Joe and as a group embraced them as the song neared the end.

    Julie and Joe, I had lots of fun entertaining at your wedding. I believe we achieved your aim of a relaxed, low key but fun wedding – it was all these things, and more. Thank you for your trust and allowing me to be a part of this special day. You are both genuine, caring people who love each other and your blended family to bits. It was such a joy to witness this and really made my heart happy. May love, laughter and music continue to fill your lives forever!!

    Guests ‘Singing For Their Supper’.

    YouTube video

    Guests participating in the ‘Silly Dance’ activity.

    Mother of the Bride, Shiela and Best Man, Nicholas


    Tara and Lily

    Can you pick the odd single lady out? Hint: Looks a lot like Joe!

    YouTube video

    Photography and Video by DJ:Plus! Entertainment

    Songs selected by Bride and Groom;

    Bridesmaids Processional: “Sweet Child Of Mine” by Vitamin String Quartet

    Bride Processional: “All I Want Is You” by Vitamin String Quartet

    Sand Ceremony: “Orinoco Flow” by Enya

    Register Signing: “You Shook Me All Night Long” by Vitamin String Quartet, ” I Was Made For Loving You” by Vitamin String Quartet

    Recessional: “Crazy Little  Thing Called Love/I Feel Good” by Queen/James Brown

    Wedding Party Entry: “Firework” by Katy Perry, “Let It Roll” by Flo Rida, “Live While We Are Young” by One Direction, “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz

    Bride & Groom Entry: “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas

    Cake Cutting Song: “I Knew I Loved you Before I Met You” by Savage Garden

    Bridal Waltz/First Dance: “Truly Madly Deeply” by Savage Garden

    Bouquet Toss: “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” by Beyonce

    Farewell Dance: “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes

    Other Wedding Professionals

    Celebrant: Vicky Watson – A Marriage Celebrant 4u

    Photographer: Leanne

    Caterer: Dominics Catering