Popular Key Wedding Song Suggestions

Popular Key Wedding Songs

Everyone will agree that music has the power to set a mood, evoke emotion and give a moment cohesiveness.

Music is considered an important ingredient for both wedding ceremonies and receptions because it has the unique ability to bring people together and create a sense of unity and celebration, making it a vital element of any wedding celebration.

Looking for popular wedding songs to set the perfect mood on your big day? DJ:Plus! Entertainment has got you covered! Here are some of the most popular wedding songs based on past couples requests and  disc jockey and wedding publication surveys. Please use these Spotify Playlists as a starting point to help you plan and select the perfect music for your wedding ceremony and reception key moments.

Please keep in mind that each wedding is unique, and the music should reflect your personal style and love for each other. Don’t feel limited by this list or influenced by others – it’s YOUR special day!

I understand that not every couple wants a traditional wedding, but for the sake of simplicity, I’ve organised these Playlists in the typical order of a traditional wedding.

Note: Lists are in no particular order and provided to assist with inspiration in selecting music for your key moments.


Prelude Music:  Played prior to the Ceremony, while guests are arriving and being seated.

Processional Music:  Played during the time the family and the wedding party walk down the aisle.

Interlude Music:  Songs played during the Ceremony. Some of these songs are also suitable for the signing of the Marriage Register.

Recessional Music: Songs played as the newly married couple exit together.

Wedding couple walking back down the aisle following ceremony


Grand Entrance / Entry Music: Songs played as the couple and or wedding party are announced and enter the Reception.

Cutting The Cake Music: Played while the couple cut the cake.

First Dance: Songs for first dance together as a married couple.

Parent Dance: Songs for Father/Daughter and/or Mother/Son dance. Some may also be suitable for Bride/Mother dance or for combined Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dance.

Bouquet Toss: Songs played during the bouquet toss.

Garter Removal and/or Toss Music: Songs played during the garter removal and toss.

Farewell Circle / Circle Of Love Music: Songs that are played whilst the couple bid farewell to family and friends.

Final Farewell / Departure Music: Song played as the couple leave the reception.

Flowers on wedding ceremony chair
Bride holding glass of champagne
Bride holding her bouquet

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