Wedding Reception | 29 April 2016 | Jillian & Karl Rimunui | Jaspers, Berry, South Coast


Jill and Karl first met in sixth class at school in 1985, little could they have ever imagined that some 31 years later they would be marrying and celebrating their wedding at Jaspers in Berry on the South Coast of NSW. They became friends and hung out together with mates but did not start dating until high school. The first time they went out, Karl bought Jill a bracelet with her name engraved on it which Jill still remembers came in a pink velvet box. In 1987 Karl had to return to New Zealand for some time did keep in contact for a while by writing Jill letters.

As time moved on, they both lived their own lives and it was not until some 20 years later when Jill, after having reconnected with a few friends from their school days via Facebook, was going through some old things, came across Karl’s letters from 1987 and decided to check if he was on Facebook also. But alas, she could not locate Karl. About a month later, she tried again and lo and behold, there was someone who appeared to be Karl. After a few probing questions she confirmed that this was the Karl from her school days, they became Facebook friends and started chatting regularly.

In late January of 2009, Karl called Jill, said he was catching up with one of the old school friends for a drink and asked whether she would like to join them, to which Jill agreed. As soon as Karl saw Jill again, he knew he was in love. That evening was just not long enough and they caught up again for another drink a week or so later before going out on their first “official” date on Valentine’s Day. Not long after they realised that they were both very much in love with each other. As time progressed they both could not stop thinking of each other and having one another in their lives, made them feel happier than they had ever felt before.

The years passed and the loved continued to grow. It was on Jill’s birthday in 2014 whilst in Tasmania that Karl organised a dinner where, with Jill’s parent’s blessing, he was going to pop the question. The lead up however was less than ideal with a minor health scare for Jill’s mum, but despite some reservations, it went ahead and during the meal Karl asked Jill to close her eyes where he got down on one knee, took her hand and asked her to be his wife. Jill’s eyes filled with tears of happiness, she said yes and here we were today celebrating the wonderful love they share.

It was such a beautiful wedding, the wedding party looked amazing, the venue was outstanding and everyone had a fabulous time. It started with drinks and snacks on the veranda before guests made their way into The Orangery for the commencement of a delicious meal and an evening of celebration, fun and dancing. Before we knew it was time for the festivities to come to an end, however the revelry did continue the following day with a BBQ on a private property in the local area.

Jill and Karl, thank you so much for the trust you placed in me – it was such a joy to be a part of your wedding day as your South Coast Wedding MC & Wedding DJ. I loved all the loving little glances you gave each other during the evening. I loved the way you both held hands. I loved seeing just how loved you are by all your family and friends. But most of all I loved how much you obviously love each other; love is the most powerful force in the universe and together you can both accomplish whatever your hearts desire. Your hearts beat only for each other. That flicker of a spark that was ignited all those years ago in now a raging fire that cannot be extinguished and I feel blessed to have been able to experience it first hand. May love, laughter and music fill your lives forever!!

Photography by DJ:Plus! Entertainment

Songs selected by Bride and Groom;

Wedding Party Entry: “Stand By You” by Rachel Patten

Bride & Groom Entry: “Stand By You” by Rachel Patten

Cake Cutting: “Somebody Like You” by Keith Urban

First Dance: “Halo” by Beyonce

Father Daughter Dance: “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle

Farewell Dance: “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” by Michael Jackson

Final Farewell Song: “Blame It On The Boogie” by The Jacksons

Other Wedding Professionals

Photographer: Evocartiv Photography & Design

Videographer: Turbo Productions

Cake Designer: Jaspers

Floral Designer: Jaspers

Makeup Artist: Christina Cleary Makeup Artist

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Wedding Reception | 30 November 2013 | Caroline & Adi Prabhala | Jaspers, Berry, South Coast


Caroline and Adi met at University. Four and a bit years later as the sun was slowly setting over the Hunter Valley, while they were attending an Opera In the Vineyard event, Adi asked for Caroline’s hand in marriage. They are a beautiful couple who are very deeply in love and surrounded by their close family and friends they exchanged vows and made their life long commitment at Jaspers, a stunning newish venue in Jaspers Brush, just past Berry, on the South Coast of NSW.

Following the ceremony guests relaxed with drinks and canapes whilst Caroline, Adi and their wedding party had photographs around the picturesque grounds. Soon it was time for Caroline and Adi to make their grand entrance. With the guests gathered around the dance floor, Caroline and Adi entered and made their way the the centre of the dance and commenced their first dance to a special mix of the song “Home” which included an acoustic cover by Luca Fogale and the original version by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros  plus a special touch added by our beautiful couple. As the acoustic version blended into the original guests were invited to join Caroline and Adi on the dance floor for the remainder of the song – certainly made an impact and was a lovely way to kick off this fun, relaxed and intimate reception.

A speech from Caroline’s Dad, Arthur before the first of the entrees was served. We then heard from Adi’s Dad, Seshadri followed by the second entree. Next up was a little bit of fun where I quizzed Caroline & Adi to see how well they knew each other – this was enjoyed immensely by all the guests. The main meal followed before Caroline’s friend Anita surprised our couple with a Slideshow she had prepared. This was followed by Best Man Gobie and then Adi and Caroline.

The cutting of the cake before Caroline and her Dad danced together, joined part way through by Adi and Caroline’s Mum Merril then the members of the wedding party. It was now time to party and party they did!! All too soon it was time for the Bouquet Toss, which was caught by Anita and then the Garter Toss which we had a little fun with as Adi and Caroline are both Doctors, Adi put on a Doctors Gown before commencing to remove the Garter, thing was that he appeared to pull a number of objects from under Caroline’s dress – a monkey, an umbrella, a baby!!!!….okay it was not a real baby but a doll and a few other objects before the garter finally materialised. You can see by the smiles in the photographs at the bottom of this post how much everybody enjoyed this twist. A final farewell dance (or two) with all the guests and it was time for Caroline and Adi to depart.

I loved every second of their celebration … there were so many smiles and lots of laughter throughout the whole day! Caroline and Adi thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day as your South Coast Wedding DJ & MC, it is always such a great honour to witness the start of a couple’s life long journey as husband and wife. To me it is very clear that your marriage will be full of much love, that your hearts beat for only each other and that your love will only get stronger and stronger. May love, laughter and music fill your lives forever!!

Photography and Video by DJ:Plus! Entertainment

Songs selected by Bride and Groom;

Bride & Groom Entry: “Home” by Luca Fogale & Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros (Special Custom Edit by DJ:Plus! Entertainment)

First Dance: “Home” by Luca Fogale & Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros (Special Custom Edit by DJ:Plus! Entertainment)

Cake Cutting Song: “This Old Love” by Lior

Father/Daughter Dance: “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond

Bouquet Toss: “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper

Garter Toss: “Poison” by Alice Cooper

Farewell Dance: “Living On A Prayer” by Bon Jovi

Final Farewell Song: “Beautiful Day” by U2

Other Wedding Professionals

Celebrant: Nina De Borde

Harpist: Sylvia Legowski

Photographer: Taryn Amy Photography

Videographer: Humble Bohemian Productions

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