DJ:Plus! Entertainment was extremely honoured to have been selected by one of the wedding industries best Floral Designers and Stylists to provide the entertainment on the occasion of her milestone birthday celebration. Vesna was organising her birthday celebration and was not having much luck finding the ‘right’ person to take care of the entertainment. I received a call from her, and whilst I was available, did suggest that I probably was not the best fit as I specialised in and had a great passion for weddings. We proceeded to have a lengthy chat about the industry in general and other things, but concluded that she would continue with her search. Three days later I received another call from Vesna, following her further search, asking if I would be a part of her celebration as no one else appeared to care or made her feel comfortable as I did. I am so glad I agreed to be a part of her birthday celebration!!

It was initially quite windy and it looked like it might rain when I arrived, but the wind died down, the sky cleared and the scene was set for a wonderful celebration. Held at Vesna’s residence, guests enjoyed a lovely evening chatting, drinking, eating, dancing, pole dancing, partying and having heaps of fun. With a “Red Carpet” theme and a mandatory hat to be worn by everyone, guests really got into the spirit of the celebration and helped create some beautiful memories for Vesna. Each time I tried to wrap up the evening, everyone yelled for more, to which I was more than happy to oblige, finally wrapping it up an hour later!!!

Thank you Vesna for calling me back, if you hadn’t I would not have had the opportunity to meet your lovely family [by the way, what a great name your husband has 😉 !!] and all your fantastic friends who truly care for you and wanted you to have the best time ever! I am sure you will look back on this celebration with many, many fond memories. It was such an honour and pleasure to be a part of it. Hope you like the photos I managed to take and look forward to our paths crossing at someone’s wedding soon.

Red carpet which greeted guests on arrival!

YouTube video

Photography & Video by DJ:Plus! Entertainment