If you take some time to peruse the myriad of wedding DJ web sites, you may quickly draw the conclusion that what is needed for a great wedding reception is speakers and lighting equipment – as this is what is predominately promoted. Speakers and lights are really only tools which will assist the entertainer deliver their performance, not unlike a photographer in that a camera helps them capture the moment, however how it is captured has little to do with the camera itself and a lot to do with the photographer’s artistic flair, creativity and talent.

Unfortunately, it has been my experience, that this leads most couples to think that music is all that is required for an enjoyable reception, if this were the case everybody would use some form of recorded music playback system. I have always believed that there is much more to wedding entertainment than just music – as music on its own cannot produce a memorable and fun wedding, yet there are many wedding entertainers which promote this misleading notion. Music is a very powerful tool, there is no denying this fact, used properly it can evoke feelings and stir emotions to create some wonderful memories, but this takes skill and talent to know what to play and precisely when to play it.

I feel that Brides & Grooms really need more than music from their Wedding Entertainment, here is a list of what I believe they really need:

1. someone who can deliver the kind of wedding reception they want,
2. ideas and advice for their planning process,
3. a team player who is comfortable taking charge,
4. a confident and eloquent spokesperson,
5. unique skills and talent to make the celebration happen,
6. a reliable professional business person with the right attitude, and lastly
7. great sounding music from professional grade equipment.

Look for these characteristics when researching your wedding entertainment – I guarantee that if you find a Wedding DJ MC who can provide these, your wedding will be transformed from just ordinary to absolutely extra-ordinary!