Last October I was contacted by Kieran about Alison’s 30th Birthday which he had begun organising. He explained that it was going to be a surprise for Alison and an “80’s” theme. Having entertained at Alison and Kieran’s wedding in 2009 and having developed a special connection with them both as we planned their amazing wedding, I felt deeply honoured and immediately jumped at the chance to be part of another of Alison’s lifetime milestone events.

Fast forward to last Saturday night where Alison was under the impression that she and Kieran were going to have a romantic celebratory dinner. Kieran had persuaded Alison to wear a blindfold and carefully guided her into the room where everybody was waiting very quietly. As she entered the room I hit play and as “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper commenced playing Alison, still blindfolded, was startled by the sound following which Kieran removed the blindfold and standing before her were invited family and friends. I wish I had been able to get a photo of her reaction as I don’t quite have the words to describe it….but let’s just say that she certainly had no idea whatsoever and was very surprised!!

After recovering from the surprise, Alison greeted the guests and a little while later went and changed into some “80’s” attire which Kieran had organised. From there on in everybody celebrated with Alison and made it a night that she will always remember. The was lots of dancing, singing and some fooling around, but it was all heaps of FUN….and all to an 80’s soundtrack!

It was such a joy to be there and see these two beautiful individuals again. Hope you enjoy the photos which follow Alison!

YouTube video

Photography and Video by DJ:Plus! Entertainment