Having entertained at many weddings over the past 35 odd years, I have had the honour to introduce many couples as they stepped onto the dance floor for the first time as husband and wife. With family and friends watching, there can be a lot of pressure on a moment where you should be able to breathe easy, relax and enjoy the beginning of your new life together after all the time spent planning the wedding. Depending on the level of nervousness and extent to which the couple have prepared, I have seen some slow dances, fast dances, great dances, embarrassing dances and many truly beautiful and emotional dances.

Simply Bridal has created a flow chart that provides a fun way to select the type of first dance song and how to dance to it.  This flow chart can assist you select one of the most important songs in your life but it is important to understand that the style of dancing will also depend on how much time you are prepared to devote to practicing if necessary.

Once you have selected the type of song and dance that suits you best, how do you select the perfect song to mark the beginning of your new life together? Here are a few tips and ideas that may help you decide!

1. Special Memories. Think about all the wonderful times you have shared as a couple. Was there a certain song playing when you met or at the proposal? Did you ever dance to some fun songs or dazzle with your extraordinary moves? What was the first song you both danced to after you met or after you started dating? Memories like these are a great starting point when picking your song. What is your Ultimate Love Song?  You do not necessarily have to use any of these songs for your first dance, but they can be a great starting point.

2. Favourite Artist. What music do you listen to most. Regardless whether it is pop, rock or country, go through your favourite artists songs to determine if there is something that stands out and that you truly enjoy. The music you listen to the most is usually music which lifts your spirits and makes your day more enjoyable, so it can provide some guidance for your final choice.

3. Write It Down. Ever hear a song on the radio, television or a commercial that you liked but could never remember it later?  Anytime you hear a song that you love, quickly write it down or make a note on your phone.

4. Be True To Yourselves. Consider the style of your ceremony and reception. Not that this needs to decide your first dance, but it can certainly help! If you are having a traditional reception, getting down to some hip-hop may not be the most appropriate option. Ensure that your song reflects your personalities as a couple and fits in with your wedding theme. Your song selection should make you feel both happy and excited!

5. Research. The Internet, movies, wedding books and magazines are full of suggestions. There are ideas everywhere just waiting to be found!

6. Ask others. Ask your family, friends and work colleagues for suggestions. Their ideas may be something that would have never crossed your mind, yet be absolutely perfect!

7. Check The Lyrics. It is very important to check the lyrics of  your song choice, You may love a particular song for its melody or chorus, but the remainder of song may not actually be appropriate. A song with inappropriate lyrics may just kill the mood.

8. Dance it Out! When you have both narrowed it down to a handful of songs, take the time to try dancing to them. Not only will this be fun and bring you closer together, but you will also be practicing some steps for the big day!

In conclusion, your first dance as husband and wife is a special moment that will be remembered for many years. Whichever song and dance style you choose for your special day, remember that it is ultimately a special time meant to be shared by the both of you. For some a choreographed routine is the go. For others, a simple slow dance, swaying to a favourite song while wrapped in each others arms, works best.  The song and style of dancing you select is up to you, but it should stay true to your personalities, reflect the feelings that you share, and be meaningful to you as a couple.

Images sourced from: lisarigbyphotography.com,  carolinacattan.com