Everyone knows that weddings are all about the bride (and maybe just a tiny little bit about the groom). Most couples also select a number of special people to be in their wedding party (also known as the bridal party). The wedding party are not only the people who the bride and groom count on to help with the planning, but also are the ones that they wish by their side when they walk down the aisle and say their vows. They generally include sisters, brothers and/or closest friends and all certainly play an important part in a wedding, and whilst mostly behind the scenes, it is always lovely to recognise all their efforts.

So how do you go about acknowledging their efforts? One of the most common ways to show them how much you appreciate them, is to include details when introducing them as they enter the reception. Of course there are also creative fun ways to introduce those that have been given this honour to all your guests, and there are certainly also other easy ways to show your appreciation which does not involve an introduction, however this post will focus on the introduction.

Traditional Introductions

Ensure that your MC knows the correct order the individual members of the wedding party will be entering, as well as how to pronounce their names. (A professional and experienced MC will naturally ask for this information during scheduled planning sessions in the lead up to the wedding day). At a minimum the MC should introduce each person by their first and last name and mention the role they have in the wedding party. If you wish a more personalised introduction, consider adding how they each know the bride or groom, their occupation, hobbies or interests, other relevant information and some fun facts.

Some of my couples have decided to include information about their wedding party in the Order Of Service Booklet, or similar, for your guests to read while waiting for the ceremony to begin, and whilst this is helpful, it can be impersonal and doesn’t give guests any way of putting names to faces.  If you are contemplating doing this, please consider including a small photo next to each person’s name along with a short biography.

But to me, a wedding is about the start of a new relationship between two families and not all the guests will know all those in the wedding party and how they are connected to the bride and groom. The wedding celebration should make everybody feel included and engage guests from the very start of the reception, and the best way to do this is to have the MC introduce the wedding party.

Tips For Formal Introductions

Ensure your wedding party is comfortable with each other – often they may not all know each other and may only meet just before the ceremony. If practical, it may be a good idea to organise a social event a few weeks before the wedding so they can spend some time to become more acquainted. They will be together for a significant part of the wedding day, so it is important that they get along with each other and enjoy the experience.

You and the Wedding Party should enter the reception excited – when your guests see you and your wedding party having a great time, they will be so much more excited and will more eagerly participate in the festivities.

Communicate with your MC – a professional will have a multitude of great ideas and fun ways on how to personalise and spice up the introductions.

Creative & Fun Introductions

Encourage your wedding party to do something fun as they enter the reception.  As an example, they could all perform a different dance routine as they enter and they may waltz, tango, jive, twist, shimmy or even moonwalk their way into the reception. Letting each couple decide which dance move they want to use for their entrance is a great idea as the couple will be more motivated to give it their all if they have had input into how they enter.

Use props: find toys, colourful wigs, costumes or other props which complement your theme and have your wedding party use them during their introduction.

However you decide to do the wedding party introductions, please be open to all ideas as the results can be truly amazing. Personally, I just love to explore the different possible options with my couples to kick off the reception in a fun energetic way whilst bringing the two families together and setting a tone that it will be a truly enjoyable and memorable wedding celebration.

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