‘Guests remember two things the most from weddings – the entertainment and the food. Be sure to send them home with great memories!’ ~ Contemporary Bride

We hear this or similar statements so often, yet in a lot of cases, the entertainment is left to late in the wedding planning process and then couples are often compelled to make their decision based solely on cost. Great entertainment is very powerful. Think about it, even if the food, flowers and room are not quite perfect, this will be easily overlooked if the guests have been entertained and enjoyed themselves immensely. However, if the entertainment is bad, everyone will notice immediately and then even great food, lovely venue and beautiful flowers won’t help much.

Allocate a higher priority to securing great entertainment early in your planning process and take as much time in selecting your entertainment, as you would put into searching for and selecting your photographer. If necessary, allow a larger portion of your budget to secure great entertainment.

Photo: Victoria Carlqvist