The father daughter dance, whilst not a mandatory dance at every wedding, is such a sweet and special tradition that acknowledges the special relationship between a father (or some father figure like a grandfather, step-father, uncle or family friend) and daughter and can be a very precious moment. Of course, whether you choose to have this dance at your wedding, or not, is entirely up to you and/or your personal circumstances.

father daughter dance song suggestions

Should you decide that you wish to honour your father in this manner; the question of the right father daughter dance song selection comes up. Some fathers and daughters have a perfect song that means something to them or represents their relationship, and the song choice is easy.

If you don’t already have a song in mind for your father daughter dance, here is a list of some that are often used because they fit the occasion so well and some that are not used quite so often. Some of the songs are sentimental and sweet, some are upbeat and fun but all of them can be related to a father-daughter relationship, or to the sentiments of your wedding day, between a father and daughter.  Enjoy!

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