Reception for 220 guests held at the Canley Vale International Function Centre, Canley Vale in south west Sydney. Anh Kim and Stephen were treated to a fantastic Sydney day for their wedding ceremony which took place earlier in the day at Auburn Botanical Garden.

Anh Kim and Stephen are a lovely couple who were very happy and had a smile on their faces all night. The reception followed traditional Vietnamese wedding etiquette with some western influences. Guests were treated to a lovely ten course, predominately seafood, banquet.

Entertainment for the first part of the evening was provided by “The Little Finger” Band which featured a number of vocalists performing individual sets. I think I counted six singers, 2 male and 4 female. The band played a mixture of Vietnamese and Western music which was enjoyed by all present.

A special highlight of the evening was that the music for the first dance was played on the piano and sung by Stephen’s younger sister, Tanya. A portion of this can be heard in the video clip below. Guests were also treated to the Anh Kim and Stephen “Love Story” which was told by the Best Man – a wonderful insight into their relationship, how it developed, blossomed into a deep love for each other and a lifelong commitment.

My main role was to provide the entertainment for the later part of the evening. Guests danced until the final moment. In summary, it was an extremely enjoyable evening amongst family and friends to celebrate the very special love that Anh Kim and Stephen obviously share for each other.

Songs selected by Bride and Groom;

Bridal Waltz/First Dance: “Songbird” performed by Stephen’s sister Tanya

Fun On The Dancefloor

The first clip shows part of Anh Kim & Stephen’s first dance and the other of some of the guests enjoying themselves!.

YouTube video

YouTube video

Photography and Video by DJ:Plus! Entertainment