Audris and Lorne currently live and work in London. This delightful couple decided to have their reception at the Australian Museum which was transformed into a very stylish venue and provided the perfect setting for their celebration. 82 local and international guests helped make it a very elegant, fun and highly memorable evening that Audris and Lorne will always treasure.

Prior to the wedding party entering, guests were treated to a visual presentation recounting the Audris and Lorne love story, setting the scene for what was a high energy entry into the reception.

Following a beautiful meal, it was time for the speeches – these speeches added both heartfelt and humorous moments to the proceedings. First we heard from Audris’ father, Francis, followed by Lorne’s dad Wayne, Audris & Lorne’s “adoptive” father/Godfather Mike, Maid of Honour Leigha, Best Man Andrew and finally Lorne. During Audris’ dad’s speech he did offer Lorne some wise advice should they run into any unresolvable personal situation in the future, he said ” …if all else fails, take her shopping” this was greeting with much laughter. He then added, “buy her lots of jewelry” – certainly very wise advice indeed!! :). Wayne told of Lorne growing up in Western Australia and also mentioned how he had at one time been a singer.

A special moment during the speeches was when Mike presented Audris & Lorne with Lorne’s grandfather’s spade which Lorne used to always talk about. It had been framed and inscribed with something along the lines of (to the best of my memory), “This spade has been used to dig many holes, may it help dig you out of any holes that you both get into in the future”. Leigha and Andrew told of how they had met Audris and Lorne – their and the prior speeches were full of emotion and funny stories which gave a great insight to to what absolutely lovely people Audris and Lorne are.

Below: Audris’ Dad, Francis and Lorne’s Dad, Wayne

Below: Godfather, Mike and presentation of Lorne’s grandfather’s spade.

Below: Maid of Honour Leigha and Best Man, Andrew

When Lorne finally took the microphone and made a lovely speech, he ended by singing “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” for Audris and to the delight of the guests.

Whilst Audris changed into alternative attire for the first dance, Lorne took the opportunity to entertain the guests with a few numbers.

Lorne then met Audris at the top of the Museum staircase and escorted her to the dancefloor for their first dance. Following this dance the wedding party and guests joined them and a fantastic time was had by all. Once again, it was a great honour to have been given the opportunity of working with and providing the entertainment for their wedding reception. Another beautiful couple who complement and enhance each other in so many special ways – It was a sheer joy to have met them and help create their wedding day memories.

Songs selected by Bride and Groom;

First Couple Entry Song: “Sexy Back” by Justin Timberlake

Second Couple Entry Song: “Boom Shake The Room” by Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince

Bride & Groom Entry Song: “Be Faithful” by Fatman Scoop Feat. The Crooklyn Clan

Cake Cutting Song: “Greatest Day” by Take That

Bridal Waltz/First Dance: “Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)” by Gotan Project & ” I Just Wanna Make Love To You” by Etta James

Farewell Circle/Circle Of Love: “Love Is In The Air” by John Paul Young, “Love & Marriage” by Frank Sinatra<

Final Farewell Song: “Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen

Other Wedding Professionals

Photographer: Studio Zanetti

Catering: Laissez Faire Catering

Fun On The Dancefloor

YouTube video

Photography and Video by DJ:Plus! Entertainment