Most days of the week I receive at least one email enquiry that reads something like the following;

Hi, I am looking for a quote for DJ services for our wedding. Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi, Just after a rough price for a wedding DJ for ‘specified month’- reception goes for 5 hours. Thanks.

Hi there, was wondering if you could send me your wedding packages.


Hello, I was hoping to obtain a quote for a MC/DJ for a wedding on ‘specific date’.

It would appear, that the main criteria for these couple’s in making their wedding entertainment decision is price – no real issue with this as I fully appreciate individual circumstances may restrict the satisfaction of wants and desires. However I am a loss to understand why there is a general reluctance to wanting to speak with wedding entertainment providers. It is my belief that the best way of assessing the suitability of any wedding provider is to meet with them. Should this not be possible, an in-depth telephone conversation is recommended. Ideally, you would have both – an initial telephone conversation, followed up with a face to face meeting.

With limited information and not having at least spoken to the bride and/or groom, it is extremely difficult to provide a quotation let alone ascertain that I am able to meet the couple’s basic requirements and how this fits in with their wedding day vision. Accordingly, a polite response is sent requesting a contact telephone number and an appropriate time to call or giving them the option of calling me direct. In this way I am able to have a nice chat with them and determine exactly what is desired. Once I have established that I am able to meet (or exceed) all their needs and wants, I happily provide a quotation. Yet I am certain that these couples will receive quotations from other DJs without these DJs having any specific information about the wedding or understanding what their vision for the wedding is.

Of course, in many instances following my reply, I never hear back from the couple, having been discounted from further consideration because I have not provided a price and requesting the opportunity to speak with them to ascertain if I am the best match for their vision of the wedding. I have no issue with this whatsoever, but sometimes I wonder whether they got exactly what they actually needed and/or really wanted for their wedding.

It is unfortunate that the majority of replies received by these couples with a price will be from DJs that provide a very basic ‘cookie cutter’ type service. They simply turn up and push play, have had/will have very little communication with the couple, have not taken the time to find out exactly what is desired, nor are they prepared to put in the effort that is required to ensure their vision becomes a reality. Simply, price on its own will not convey if needs and wants can be met, nor will it provide details of inclusions. Of course no price (high, low or average) is a good price if the quality service needed is not received.

This leads to the question; Do they care enough about your wedding to put in the effort required to fulfill your vision?

It is a sad reality, that there are DJs in the profession simply because it is an easy way to make some quick money. Many see it as good money for little effort or the wedding as ‘just another gig’ and it is treated accordingly. Others truly appreciate and acknowledge the significance of the occasion, have a great passion for weddings, absolutely love what they do and will dedicate all the time and effort necessary to ensure that the wedding is nothing short of perfect.

So how can a couple discern between the two types of wedding DJs?, Well the initial thing to look for is their interest. When you first speak with DJs, pay close attention to the first few subjects that are raised. If money is one of them, it is possible that you may be speaking to a DJ that doesn’t really care about you or your wedding and may just want to know what you can afford. If a DJ claims to be one of the cheapest, or offers to match/better any other quote you receive, you’re almost certainly dealing with a DJ that is not concerned with anything but securing the booking. These DJs will need to cut corners and the resultant quality and service delivery will be negatively impacted.

What you want is for the DJ to ask about you and your wedding. Maybe he/she will offer congratulations on your engagement. They will certainly ask things like where you are getting married, how long you’ve known each other, how your envisioning your wedding and maybe how you and your fiancé met. If this happens, it may be time to finally let that smile emerge, because you may have just found yourself the right DJ!

The right DJ will also ask about your musical tastes, which is very important to know if they are going to perform successfully, yes? They may also offer some suggestions to assist in avoiding pitfalls as you go about organising your special day. Any experienced DJ that really is passionate about weddings will have more than a few bits of advice and tips to dispense to eager knowledge-seeking brides and grooms. And what’s more, good DJs really like to share this knowledge without any guarantee that you’ll hire them. This is a good thing; it shows that they genuinely care about you having the best wedding possible.

Now how would anybody be able to gauge any of these things if no conversation took place. Conversation will give you an initial feeling as to whether the DJ cares enough about your wedding to dedicate all the time and effort necessary to ensure that the wedding is nothing short of perfect. Follow this up with a face to face meeting to re-confirm your feelings and then decide. Entertainment is responsible for a large percentage of the overall success of a wedding day; those that do not wish to speak with or can’t be bothered speaking with their wedding entertainment are often left disappointed and usually end up with someone who also…can’t be bothered.

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