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Australian Bridal Industry Awards | 2 December 2014


On Tuesday 2 December 2014, DJ:Plus! Entertainment was once again recognised as one of the state’s Best Wedding MC & DJ Entertainers by ABIA at the 18th NSW Annual Bridal Industry Awards. Taking out runner-up in the Master Of Ceremonies Category, DJ:Plus! Entertainment was also a finalist in the Disc Jockey and Ceremony Music Categories. Consistently a finalist or winner each and every year since 2001, DJ:Plus! Entertainment’s continued success at these prestigious awards is a testament to the passion and hard work invested into each and every wedding that I am given the honour to be a part of.

The Australian Bridal Industry Awards are voted on by newlyweds rating and reviewing suppliers based on the ‘Quality of Product’, ‘Quality of Service’, ‘Value for Money’ and ‘Attitude of Staff’ of each of the nominated wedding suppliers. The ratings are collated and used to determine who were, in the opinion of the voting newlyweds, the best suppliers of each wedding category.





I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to all my beautiful brides & grooms that took the time to provide feedback on their wedding experience using my services to ABIA. You all give the greatest honour to be a part of this milestone event in your lives, it is something which means the world to me and something which I never take for granted. I look forward to help create many more wonderful memories throughout 2015 and beyond.

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Australian Bridal Industry Awards | 9 December 2013


I was extremely blessed this year to once again have the most wonderful couples entrust me with their wedding day.  As I have said many times before, I consider this such a great honour and an extreme privilege. This is one of the most special times in their life and….they want me to be a part of it!! Accordingly I go to great lengths to ensure that the trust they have invested in me is not breached in any way and give my all to deliver their dream wedding. I know that my couples greatly appreciate the effort I put into their day – as they tell me that they do, but for them to also go to that extra effort to provide feedback to the Australian Bridal Industry Academy really shows me how much they appreciate my efforts.

This year, thanks to feedback provided by my beautiful couples, I was extremely proud to once again be finalist in all three categories that DJ:Plus! Entertainment provides services in, Disc Jockey, Master Of Ceremonies and Ceremony Music, but you have no idea how surprised I was to be declared the Winner Best Wedding Master Of Ceremonies, Top 3 in Best Wedding Disc Jockey and once again be the only Disc Jockey to be a Finalist in the Best Wedding Ceremony Music category.



DJ:Plus! Entertainment Finalist Best Wedding Ceremony Music


I have worked hard to constantly improve DJ:Plus! Entertainment for the benefit of my couples, the fact that my couples felt that my Master Of Ceremonies role had more impact on the success of their wedding speaks volumes to me and affirms that I am on the right path. In the next week or so a new look will be unveiled and 2014 will see some intensive training being undertaken to once again lift what is possible to another level again. I am really excited about the coming year and can’t thank each of my beautiful couples, whether past, present or future, enough for your trust, your hugs and kisses and your friendship; it means the world to me, a hopeless romantic that loves love and happiness and gets to regularly feed his addiction. Thank you! Thank you!

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Australian Bridal Industry Awards | 12 December 2012


This year I was extremely proud to have been an Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA) Finalist once again in all three categories in which I provide services; Disc Jockey, Master of Ceremonies and Ceremony Music, at the Annual Bridal Industry Awards. I do like to attend the Awards night as it allows the opportunity to support and meet other industry professionals I may not have had the good fortune to work with and to celebrate in all the successes. It is not about winning, for if you are a Finalist, I believe, you are in the top tier of the wedding industry, as rated by those most qualified to do so – the actual brides and grooms and as such, every supplier in the room is already a winner.

This year, due to a booking, confirmed in the earlier part of the year for a wedding on Fraser Island, Queensland and the Awards being held on what was arguably the most popular day for weddings in the entire year (12.12.12), I was unfortunately unable to attend the Awards Night. You cannot imagine my excitement when I found out that DJ:Plus! Entertainment had been awarded the ABIA for “Best Wedding DJ” 2012 with a rating of 99.98%, placed in the Top 3 for Master of Ceremonies and the only DJ to be a Finalist in the Ceremony Music Category!!!


My couples know that I do not do what I do to win Awards. They know that I am very passionate about what I do and making their dream wedding better than they imagined it could be, is my highest priority. I thank all of them from the bottom of my heart for the trust that they afford me. I thank them for opening their hearts and sharing each unique and beautiful love story. I thank them for the connection and inviting me to be a part of one of the most significant events in their entire life – it is truly a great honour and privilege. I cannot thank them enough for allowing me to ‘feed my addiction’ of love and happiness and I also wish to express my gratitude for their feedback and votes. My couples challenge me, motivate me, inspire me and drive me to continually improve what and how I do things – in short it is best summarised by the title of a popular wedding song by Bryan Adams, Everything I Do, I Do It For You.

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Australian Bridal Industry Awards | 14 December 2011


Extremely proud to have been a finalist once again in these prestigious awards, not only in the Disc Jockey category but also in the Master Of Ceremonies category and for the first time, Ceremony Music category. This confirms DJ:Plus! Entertainment to be one of the top Wedding DJ/MC services in the state, now being a winner or finalist for the last ten continuous years (2001 – 2011), based on feedback supplied directly to the Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA) by those most qualified to do so – the actual brides and grooms.

My most sincere, heartfelt thanks to all the absolutely beautiful couples who invite me to help make their wedding dream a reality and allow me to indulge my great passion for weddings. YOU are the reason I do this, YOU drive me to keep improving and refining everything I do, YOU inspire me and your appreciation is my ultimate reward. Sure it is nice to have your efforts recognised by the industry, for which I must also thank everyone of my couples who took the time to provide feedback to ABIA, but it means so much more to me that I had the opportunity to get to know you better, witness your deep love and bond you share and celebrate one of the most wonderful occasions of your whole life. I am eternally grateful.

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Best Wedding Supplier Certificates


My personal passion for weddings and making them fun, unique and memorable is appreciated greatly by DJ:Plus! Mobile Disco Entertainment clients. So much so that many brides and grooms choose DJ:Plus! Mobile Disco Entertainment as their Best Wedding Supplier based on the Quality of Product, Quality of Service, Value for Money and Overall Customer Satisfaction.

Below is a small sample of the types of comments made by satisfied brides and grooms as to why they select DJ:Plus! Mobile Disco Entertainment as their Best Wedding Supplier.

Click on any of the Best Supplier Certificates to view not only these, but also others;


Click on any Best Supplier Certificate to view not only these, but also others

Being able to contribute to each individual couple’s wedding day and helping to make it that little bit extra special gives me extreme personal satisfaction. I consider it an absolute privilege to be selected to play a part of this ever so special occasion. The fact that many brides and grooms feel that of all their wedding suppliers, I was the person who delivered the best service and/or contributed the most, to the success of their wedding day is very highly valued and at the same time very humbling.

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