As I have mentioned previously, each Sunday I look forward to reading the Wedding Section of the Sunday papers and each couples wedding day summary. I especially love being surprised by finding one of the couples that entrusted me with their day, being amongst those featured. Today not only was I excited to see Madeline & Robert’s wedding as one of the featured couples in the Sunday Telegraph Weddings Section – they actually were the lead wedding feature!!

Reading the summary of their wedding and the proposal on the beach reminded me of when I first met Madeline and Robert. Robert told me how he had planned the proposal, how he went down on one knee, how whilst the proposal was occurring waves came crashing in, how Madeline recalled that everything felt surreal. It reminded me of their beautiful ceremony, the wonderful reception and how much everyone had enjoyed the entire wedding day. I was delighted to recall the special moments of Madeline and Robert’s fantastic wedding and being able to enjoy them all over again. Isn’t it great how a simple wedding photo in the Sunday Paper can bring back so much!!

Scan of Feature from Sunday Telegraph Weddings Section, 20 March 2011 (Click on Feature to enlarge)

Madeline and Robert’s Wedding