If you are like most couples, I am certain you would like all your guests to dance and have an awesome time at your wedding reception. The smiles, the laughter, the fun……..all of it is achievable! All you need is the right wedding DJ/MC, the right plan, the right schedule of events and the right attitude. Unfortunately however, the truth of the matter is that there are many boring wedding receptions which take place each week. You may have even been to one or two or more of them (I most certainly have). Often the blame tends to fall on the Bride and Groom or the DJ/MC, or all three. Because couples have never organised a wedding before and most DJ/MC Entertainers don’t have the personality and experience necessary to lead couples in the right direction, to give them the right advice or to know what to do when something unexpected happens. Please allow me to explain further and share a few suggestions that may assist in  creating that unforgettable wedding reception.

Very simply, your wedding reception is a celebration, a party. Accordingly, the top thing that most guests will remember from a wedding is the fun they had. So for now, take your focus off the decorations, the wedding dress, the fancy chairs, the place card holders, the sashes, the flowers and the venue. Those things won’t help you have a fun wedding reception. Not one bit. While they certainly have their place, it is your guests and the activities during the reception that will connect and engage your guests, and create the joy and excitement that everlasting memories are made of.

People and emotion create memories.

Your guests will have opportunities to express and flaunt those emotions throughout your wedding, but one of the greatest opportunities will be when they join together on the dance floor and create a synergy that can be generated only by those who are your nearest and dearest. The entertainment is the driving force that makes people remember your fun entry, your emotional first dance, the maid of honour kicking off her heels and the groomsmen pulling off their ties.

I have entertained at some of the most exclusive venues and private estates in Sydney and it’s surrounding areas. But I have also entertained at and created a memorable and super fun wedding reception in a humble backyard or family property with views of the rubbish bins, chicken coops, piles of junk and discarded tractor tyres amongst a whole lot of other unsightly views. But none of that mattered. The couple had an incredible time with their family and friends because they made entertainment a priority and they planned everything with the guests in mind.

Focus on what matters. Focus on the guests. Focus on the entertainment. Focus on the little things in between. That is what guests will remember from your wedding day. That is what will get them pumped up and ready to dance. You want your guests to feel as if you have fully considered what they would like when it comes to music, activities, entertainment and dancing, instead of just thinking about what you would like.

It is also important to stay positive during the wedding planning process. Remember that the main function of a wedding reception is not to try and impress your friends. That is where most people make their first mistake and end up unnecessarily, putting too much pressure on themselves.

In summary, make your wedding about the two of you, but don’t forget to keep the guests in mind. A talented DJ/MC Entertainer can help you create an evening full of fun and personal moments that will result in such fabulous memories. My wish is that you have an absolutely incredible wedding reception, one that you will remember for the rest of your life!