The service provided by DJ:Plus! Mobile Disco Entertainment is constantly being enhanced and improved. For quite some time now this continuous evolution has meant that the term “mobile disco” no longer represents the level of service or type of service provided.The name DJ:Plus! was initially selected as I have from the onset consistently offered much more than other DJ services. DJ:Plus! Mobile Disco Entertainment has developed into a premium DJ/MC Entertainment service which not only delivers great music using high quality equipment but also offering creative planning which reflects each client’s personal style, event direction and more, resulting in fun unique and memorable celebrations where everything just seems to come together naturally.

Accordingly, “Mobile Disco” will be dropped from the business name and DJ:Plus! Mobile Disco Entertainment will now officially become DJ:Plus! Entertainment. Nothing else in regards to the service has changed – DJ:Plus! Entertainment has always been and will continue to be “more than music”. The service offered and provided will of course continue to be enhanced in order to provide clients with even better value and a more entertaining celebration.