Wedding Ceremony DJ

Your wedding ceremony will be all about the both of you, the deep love that you share and that special moment where you exchange wedding vows, make a lifelong commitment and finally become Husband and Wife, Wife and Wife or Husband and Husband. Your ceremony will be attended by all your closest family and friends who have been looking forward to this day since you announced your engagement. They have come to see the two of you become one, gaze into each others eyes and publicly declare your love for each other.

For your wedding ceremony you will need to choose the most heartfelt readings that will be recited by some of the most special people in your life. You will also select ceremony music that will come from the deepest part of your hearts. The music that you select for each significant element of the wedding ceremony can vary from the traditional classical to non-traditional contemporary selections and anything in-between, it should of course enhance the mood, express the emotion of the moment, compliment the elegance of the occasion and can help set the tone for the type of reception celebration that is to follow.

If desired, DJ:Plus! Entertainment, as your wedding ceremony DJ, can assist in making your vows sound as beautiful as you are both going to look. I can ensure that everybody can hear the most important words that you, each of the members of your wedding party and any honoured guests will be reciting, plus provide the special music you have selected for the Prelude, Processional, Interlude and Recessional.

This additional service also includes;

  • Assistance with the planning of the wedding ceremony,
  • Professional Premium Sound System, wireless lavalier (lapel) microphones and/or hand-held microphone, one for the couple and one for the celebrant so that your guests will be able to hear everything clearly
  • Handheld wireless/wired microphone and stand for readings and/or soloists, if required
  • Co-ordination of the ceremony music and direction of the ceremony itself (Liaison with the celebrant, lining up of wedding party, spacing, etc), and
  • Ability to patch in any other live music source into the sound system.
Wedding Ceremony Entertainment