This area provides a password protected gateway to various online planning tools that DJ:Plus! Entertainment valued clients may use to organise their event. Once the event has been booked, clients receive a client login password which permits access to the tools. With an easy to use, user-friendly interface, clients are able to carry out a variety of planning steps online and have total control, allowing the creation of the perfect event according to their specifications.

Clients can;

  • search the DJ:Plus! Entertainment music database and select songs to be played at the Event,
  • view, modify or delete submitted songs on the playlist,
  • view and edit all client and Event related information,
  • synchronise the order of activities of the Event,
  • use the interactive planners to organise the details of the Event,
  • allow guests to log on and make music requests for the Event,
  • and more!

Client Tools Login

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Guest Requests Login

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