Please check out the Wedding DJ MC FAQ’s page for more wedding specific Frequently Asked Questions.

Why should I use a DJ instead of a live band?

Reliability – A DJ has less personnel to rely on to show up and provide an optimum performance.

Variety – The larger the guest list, the more variety in music is needed. Live bands are usually limited to what they can play well. DJ:Plus! Entertainment’s extensive music library can keep any crowd happy.

Dancing – People like to dance to music they are familiar with. DJ:Plus! Entertainment plays the original versions of your favourite music.

Continuous Music – DJ:Plus! Entertainment doesn’t take a break. The music only stops playing at times you specify (such as formalities and speeches).

Cost – Fewer personnel at your event can mean a lower cost. DJ:Plus! Entertainment offers value for money when all aspects of the service provided are considered.

Sound – A DJ can tailor the sound level much easier than a live band can. DJ:Plus! Entertainment always plays at a reduced volume level during pre-dinner drinks and meals to allow your guests to converse comfortably; music will typically be played somewhat louder during dancing, but this is totally at your discretion.

Participation – A DJ tends to offer more audience participation than bands. DJ:Plus! Entertainment will encourage the active participation of your guests and can in most cases also provide Master of Ceremony Services (MC).

Light Show – A DJ includes effects lighting. DJ:Plus! Entertainment includes an array of high tech effects lighting at no extra cost.

Why should I use a DJ instead of a Jukebox, Streaming Service or Digital Music Player?

Reliability – A professional DJ carries backup equipment to ensure that in the event of any equipment failure, the celebration can continue with minimal interruption.

Personal Service – A Jukebox, Streaming Service or Digital Music Player cannot offer the personal service that a DJ can. DJ:Plus! Entertainment is able to assist in the planning, guiding & directing of your event and can cater for instant requests far better than a Jukebox.

Music – Jukeboxes tend to have the same songs repeated. You cannot always select the music to be included in the Jukebox. Also Jukeboxes tend to be repeatedly reset so that guests don’t get to hear their favourite songs. DJ:Plus! Entertainment will schedule your favourite songs so they blend perfectly, building energy and engaging your guests.

Variety – The larger the guest list, the more variety in music is needed. Jukeboxes are limited to a certain amount of music. DJ:Plus! Entertainment’s extensive music library can keep any crowd happy.

Sound – The sound quality produced from a Jukebox is of a lower quality than that of a DJ using professional equipment.

Participation – A Jukebox, Streaming Service or Digital Music Player cannot encourage audience participation.

Light Show – A DJ includes effects lighting. DJ:Plus! Entertainment includes an array of high tech effects lighting at no extra cost.

How will the DJ MC dress?

Unless requested otherwise by clients, I will always dress in a lounge suit. The dress code is determined by you and specified on the booking confirmation.

What type of audio and lighting equipment will be used?

DJ:Plus! Entertainment has invested in only high grade professional sound and lighting equipment. Now featuring the High Fidelity sound of the incomparable BOSE L1™ and Bose L1 Compact. Inferior equipment, used by some DJ operators in an effort to cut costs, can result in static, inadequate bass, distortion and generally poor quality sound.

What music will be played at my event?

DJ:Plus! Entertainment tailors the music played to each client’s individual requirements, as well as specific requests made by you and your guests. Through use of the client online planning facility, you may specify musical requests and styles of music you feel is appropriate (and inappropriate) for your event. DJ:Plus! will use this information along with professional judgement in selecting music and in honouring or declining specific requests. In the event that there are no musical preferences, then suitable music with tremendous mass appeal will be played to ensure maximum guest participation and enjoyment.

What if I request music that DJ:Plus! Entertainment does not own?

DJ:Plus! Entertainment’s music library is quite extensive and does include most common requests. However, if you give an advance request for music that I do not own, I will make every effort to obtain it for your event. The further in advance I receive the request, the more likely I’ll be able to provide it.

Will you be setting up while our guests are present?

No. DJ:Plus! Entertainment always schedules to arrive around three hours earlier than the agreed start time of the event. This allows ample time to be completely set-up, a sound check to be carried out, elimination of any potential problems and liaison with venue/event personnel prior to the time that your first guest arrives.

Does the DJ or MC get involved or interact with the guests?

This is up to you. DJ:Plus! Entertainment can be as interactive as you would like. I pride myself on being able to tailor the performance to suit your needs. Whilst some audience participation is always recommended as this promotes party fun, should all you wish is some low background music, I can accommodate that as well. Again, it is entirely up to you.

Will I receive a written contract?

Yes. Every client that engages DJ:Plus! Entertainment to perform at their event will receive a written contract that details all the particulars and terms relating to the event. If a DJ or MC will not give you a written contract, then you are best off to keep looking. A contract protects both parties. Always get a contract.

Do you have insurance?

DJ:Plus! Entertainment has complete Public Liability insurance coverage up to $30,000,000. A current Certificate of Currency is available and gladly provided should your ceremony and/or reception venue require.

Do you display any banners or other advertisements?

Absolutely not. DJ:Plus! Entertainment prides itself on being elegant. Whilst referral business is always very much appreciated, I feel that the service I provide speaks for itself. I therefore do not display any banners, logos, or signs on any of the equipment or elsewhere in the function room nor place any business cards on the dinner tables. Should any of your guests wish a business card for future reference, one will be discreetly provided to them upon their request.

What if DJ:Plus! Entertainment is already booked for my date?

One of the advantages about booking DJ:Plus! Entertainment, is that you deal directly with me from your initial enquiry right through to the conclusion of the performance at your event. For clients who book DJ:Plus! Entertainment, that’s great! – as they receive the utmost personalised service, attention to detail and so much more than just great music. For those that wish to engage my services for a date that is already booked, if you wish, I may in some instances, be able to assist by providing details for a select group of professional DJ MC operators that I have confidence in, and know, will have your best interests at heart.

What if I have more questions?

Don’t forget to have a look at the Wedding DJ MC FAQ’s. If there is something you wish to ask which has not been covered or if you desire more in depth information, please do not hesitate to Telephone, Email or use the contact form for any booking enquiry. It would be my pleasure to provide assistance.