1) What type of experience does your DJ have?

Many DJs mix music but do not entertain. The best DJs are in fact “Entertainers” with great personality, stage presence and interactive participation designed to engage and entertain your guests and promote party fun!

2) At what types of events does your DJ regularly perform?

Ensure your DJ has the necessary background experience to entertain diverse age groups and has the professional knowledge of blending the music required for your Event.

3) Is the price of the DJ good value?

The cheapest DJ is rarely the best value. You are choosing the person who will be responsible for helping set the tone for your entire event and the enjoyment of your guests. Saving a few dollars and only to be disappointed with a less than professional performance is a false economy – much like not having insurance, how many wish they had paid that premium when disaster strikes? Similarly, months after your celebration, will your guests be talking about how good the food was, how fantastic the venue was or that an inexperienced bargain DJ ruined the party?

4) What equipment will your DJ use & how will it be presented?

Is it modern, professional and powerful enough for your venue? Is it presented in an appropriate manner and aesthetically pleasing, or will it be simply piled on to a table? Will the appearance of the equipment compliment your venue’s decor or will there be unsightly cords and exposed wires for all to see?

5) Will your DJ play a wide variety of music?

Your DJ should have the experience to “read” your crowd and sequence the songs your guests will respond to best throughout your celebration. Make sure your DJ is familiar with the most requested types of music and has a good selection of each.

6) Does your DJ offer a written contract?

Obtaining a written booking confirmation and contract ensures that there is no misunderstanding between you and your DJ. Details such as; Customer name and address, venue details, event details, performance time, music requirements, deposit and fee payment details, cancellation policy, and overtime charges should be clearly specified. A written booking confirmation and contract will help avoid any potential dispute as to your and the disc jockey’s obligations.

7) Can your DJ tell you what sets them apart from others?

Basically, all DJs do the same thing. A DJ who possesses the passion and necessary talent will enthusiastically answer this question detailing HOW they do what they do and how this will improve your event – it is this which will truly set them apart. What sets DJ:Plus! Entertainment apart?

8) What is more important to your DJ, professional equipment or unique talent?

This will help you to identify if your DJ believes that their real worth is found in the quality and amount of sound and lighting equipment they provide rather than in any special or unique talents they possess. If all that was required to be a great DJ was equipment, then all you would need is to hire the required components and have any one of your friends provide the entertainment. Truth is that all the best gear will not make a mediocre DJ, a great DJ . Unique talent is the most important factor in creating a fun and memorable celebration and DJs that understand this will also be continually investing in techniques and opportunities to improve their talents rather than always choosing to buy newer and better equipment.