The following links have been included on this site because it is felt that they offer useful relevant information to assist in planning for your event. I have also included some links that provide a little fun.

Wedding Resources and Related Sites

Australian Sites

ABIA Weddings Australia (ABIA)
The ABIA is a national marketing organisation established to market and promote excellence within the wedding industry. Each year, the ABIA compiles a listing of finalists, considered the best in the wedding industry based on votes submitted by newlyweds for excellent service received. The site contains a directory of verified reviews of winners, finalists, nominees and members.

Polka Dot Weddings
Australian wedding blog Polka Dot Weddings is the feel good wedding blog and delivers daily content to help make your wedding uniquely yours.

Wedding Connected
Wedding Connected is a national wedding directory which has many suppliers who love what they do listed.

Kiss The Bride
Kiss the Bride is a national directory of wedding providers. Couples from around Australia can use Kiss the Bride to source wedding providers and plan their wedding.

International Sites / Apps

Table Planner: The Seating Chart App
If you’d rather plan out your reception tables while the two of you Netflix and chill, the free seating chart app Table Planner – which is available in the Apple App Store and is compatible with iPads only, is worth downloading. You can even import your guests straight from your contacts, which makes things incredibly simple. (Well, that is, so long as every single one of your guests is actually in your contacts!)

Provides tips on great speech writing and, if you’re really desperate, will write it for you.

Australian DJ & MC Accreditation

DJ Alliance Australasia
The DJ Alliance of Australasia (DJAA) is a committee of professional DJ & MC Entertainers from around Australia who joined forces to create a quality benchmark for the industry. As a client, it gives peace of mind when hiring an accredited DJAA Member as you can be assured of quality. All members adhere to a code of ethics, need to satisfy professional qualification criteria and go through a number of reference checks before being approved.

Fun Sites

Send an E-Kiss
Create a unique e-kiss by choosing the lip shapes, colours and patterns or choose from a list of “pre-puckered” kisses, and send to someone special. While you are there, you can get kissing tips for analogue kisses, take a kissing quiz and find rules for your favorite kissing games (yes, spin the bottle is there with lots of options).

Music Chart Resources

Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) Charts
Provides current Australian; Top 50 Albums, Top 50 Singles, Alternative Top 20, Dance Top 20, Country Top 20, Number One Single & Album by State, Compilation Top 10, Australasian Top 20 and Dance Chart. Updated on a weekly basis.

US listings of Billboard 200, Hot 100 singles, Top R&B Albums, Top Country Albums, Latin Music Charts and more. Updated Weekly.

Spotify Charts Top 200
Lists Top 200 most played globally or by country, on a daily or weekly time frame(selectable).

Apple Music Top 100 Australia
Lists Top 100 most played songs in Australia. Updated Daily.

Deezer Charts Top 100 Australia
Lists Top 100 most listened to songs on Deezer in Australia. Updated Daily

Shazam Top 200 Chart Australia
Lists the most Shazamed tracks in Australia each week.