I have a great deal of passion for weddings, which is why I specialise in them and at times spend time on the internet browsing wedding related topics. In browsing the web, I happened across this wedding related video/film which I feel is a excellent example of the art of visual expression that really captures people’s attention. Weddings offer the opportunity for the videographer to express their creativity whilst capturing one of the most important days in a couple’s journey. Executed properly, wedding moments delivered in the most expressive of ways will certainly grab everyone’s attention and bring back all the beautiful memories. It is of course important that the footage shows emotions, expressions and honesty in a very entertaining way whether it is touching, dramatic or funny!

Have a look at this trailer which I believe is a teaser for the forthcoming full wedding video production which has been based on a cinematic blockbuster movie preview. If you take a look at the credits, it is actually the names of the individual members of the bridal party. I thought it was very well done and contained all the elements required to make it attention grabbing and memorable. Please feel free to leave your comments as I am very interested to hear whether you agree with me.

YouTube video