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Wedding Ceremony & Reception | 4 March 2017 | Dryridge Estate, Megalong Valley, Blue Mountains


Following a week of rain leading up to K & M’s wedding and rain forecast for their wedding day, this beautiful couple, who have requested privacy, but graciously allowed me to share some location and décor photographs, took it all in their stride, made some slight allowances and let the day unfold without any fuss or stress whatsoever. Rain did fall throughout the day, sometimes heavy and sometimes creating a misty haze of water, but it did not dampen this couple’s resolve to have the best wedding day ever.

In the lead up to the wedding K & M also experienced their venue being sold and having to deal with finding an alternate location for their wedding only a couple of months from their wedding day. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as their replacement venue of Dryridge Estate, located in the Megalong Valley in the Blue Mountains was so lovely. Dryridge Estate which is nestled in the beautiful Megalong Valley in the Blue Mountains, surrounded by towering sandstone escarpments, Dryridge Estate is a stunning boutique vineyard which has recently added facilities for weddings and private functions.

Minutes before ceremony time we made the call to risk conducting the ceremony outside under the tree overlooking the vineyards. Except for a few drops here and there, the ceremony proceeded without incident and K & M were married. A quick group photo before the rain came down with guests just making it to the protection offered by the Marquee. Meanwhile K & M and the photographer braved the elements for photographs around this picturesque property.

Well what a truly wonderful evening it was!! K & M commenced proceedings by performing a choreographed dance on entry to “Cantina Band” from Star Wars by John Williams before guests joining them for a short dance set. This was followed by a delicious buffet where we released the tables one at a time after each table had participated in a selection of various activities ranging from Bride & Groom Trivia, Singing For their Supper and Guessing the Song. All this was interspersed with lovely heartfelt speeches, the Newlywed Game and the Cake cutting before everybody hit the dance floor again. Dancing continued until the end of the evening and ended with on a high with everyone singing and dancing to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

K & M’s wedding was lots of fun, intimate, personal,  relaxed and overflowing with love. It was an extreme honour and pleasure to have been given the opportunity to play a part in their lifetime event. They are an awesome couple who are so deeply in love. They created a wedding that was a joyous fun celebration.. and I LOVED every second of it. Thank you for the trust placed in me as your Blue Mountains Wedding DJ, Blue Mountains Wedding Ceremony DJ and assisting as your Blue Mountains Wedding MC – I will cherish the experience and memories. May, love, laughter and music fill your lives forever!!!

Photography by DJ:Plus! Entertainment

Songs selected by Bride & Groom;

Bridesmaid Processional: “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles

Bride Processional: “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles

Register Signing: “Here Comes The Sun” by Groom’s Dad

Recessional: “The ‘Opines’ of Mike & Katie” by Groom’s Dad

First Dance: “Cantina” by John Williams

Cake Cutting: “Cheese” by Tim Minchin

Farewell Dance: “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen

Other Wedding Professionals

Photographer: Wedding Stories

Floral Design & Stylist: Sierra Blooms

Caterer: Diamonds Catering

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Wedding Ceremony & Reception | 12 November 2016 | Stacey & Kerryn | Seclusions, Rydal, Blue Mountains


Wow! What an amazing day it was for Stacey & Kerryn’s wedding! It had been raining most of the night and when I left Sydney it was overcast and looked like a downpour was imminent. But as I got closer and closer to Seclusions, located in Rydal in the Blue Mountains near Lithgow, the clouds began to clear and a beautiful blue sky was starting to appear. By the time Kerryn and Stacey commenced their walk down the aisle, it was a picture perfect day for this life long commitment that they were making. The only thing which caused a little bit of an annoyance was the intermittent wind, but it did have the advantage of keeping everyone cool.

It was a truly beautiful ceremony conducted by Kerryn and Stacey’s friend Nicole. Now I could go on a get all descriptive about this very special commitment, but I feel that the best way for you all to get an appreciation of what it was like, is to provide the vows that Kerryn and Stacey wrote for each other;

Kerryn’s vows:
“I, Kerryn, choose you Stacey, to be my wife, knowing that you will be my constant friend, my faithful partner and my one true love.

On this day I give to you, in front of our friends and family, my promise to stay by your side and to love you without reservation.

I vow to always be a true and loyal friend to you.
To cherish you, and to share my thoughts, hopes and dreams with you.

I vow to be your partner in all things; working with you as part of our team.

I vow never to steal the bed sheets, unless you are hogging them.

I vow to always respect your choice of music, except when that choice is Nickelback.

If you promise to kill the spiders and cockroaches that invade our home, I promise to always pick up Snowy’s poo.

If you promise to cheer loudly for the Bunnies (except of course when they are playing the Tigers), I promise to do the same in return, for you.
I will never back the Yankees in baseball or the Blues in State of Origin. I’m sorry, I just can’t.

I want us to grow old and wrinkly together.
To shake our collective fists at teenagers, and talk endlessly about the old days when things were better, cheaper and generally more wholesome.

Stacey, I love you more than I ever thought it possible to love anyone.
I love you more than I love chocolate.

As we stand here together, I am so excited that this, here and now, is the beginning of the rest of our lives.

I choose to spend today, and all of my tomorrows, with you.”

Stacey’s vows:
“Kerryn from the first moment I saw you smile at me through the gate I knew there was something special about you. At that time I did not know that three and a half years later I would be standing here committing the rest of my life to you and still discovering just how special you are.

What I know now is that no matter how tough times ahead may be, no distance will ever be too far, no arguments will ever be too bad, no challenges will ever be that difficult that we can’t get through them.

I promise that despite the physical distance we face ahead there will never be a day where I don’t say I love you and there will never be a night where I don’t wish you sweet dreams. I promise to always remind you of why I love you and what makes you so special.

I vow to love you unconditionally and support you in all of your endeavours. I will be by your side in whatever adventures life has in store for us. I will be your shining light when times are dark and guide you along while you are finding your light at the end of the tunnel.

Today becoming your wife is not a choice, it was always an inevitability because you are my best friend, my love, my soul mate.

Today I stand here before our family and friends and vow to spend the rest of my life with you.”

The rest of the afternoon and evening was filled with lots of love, fun, laughs and great times. Guests enjoyed lawn games, fantastic speeches, a little bit of insight into how well Kerryn and Stacey actually knew each other (which was a lot of fun), much dancing, some beautiful tender moments and a amazing evening with many memories being created! But in the end it was about love and a lifelong commitment.

I also had the great pleasure of working with photographer Catherine Rose, Red Pepper Catering and The Little Cart Of Blooms to help create Kerryn and Stacy’s dream wedding.

Having had the opportunity to have met with Kerryn and Stacey a couple of times in the lead up to their wedding day, I could tell from our first meeting that they light each other up and are so deeply in love, it literally radiates off them. I also remember how Kerryn was the first to try some chocolate cookies I had out that day and it took some convincing from her before Stacey would try one, but she did and loved them. The next time they came for a progress meeting there was no hesitation from Stacey whatsoever :-).

Kerryn and Stacey, it was such a huge honour to have you both place your trust in me and to be given the opportunity to play a part in your spectacular wedding day. I had an absolutely awesome time as your Blue Mountains Wedding MC and Blue Mountains Wedding DJ – I can’t thank you enough – it was such a pleasure and joy to share in the journey towards your together forever, even when you were stressed and felt like you had no idea what to do next. I loved our meetings, phone calls, the lead up to your wedding and every aspect of your wedding day. I know you will honour your vows and commitment and your future will be extremely happy as your love for each other will continue to grow stronger. May love, laughter and music fill your lives forever!!!

Photography & Video by DJ:Plus! Entertainment

<p=”text-align: left;”=””>Songs selected by Brides;</p=”text-align:>

Wedding Party Entry: “Get The Party Started” by Pink

Bride & Bride Entry: “Get The Party Started” by Pink

Cake Cutting: “You’re My Best Friend” by Queen

First Dance: “Everything” by Michael Buble

Father Daughter Dance: “I Loved Her First / Daddy Dance With Me” by Heartland / Krystal Keith [DJ:Plus! Edit]

Bouquet Toss: “One Way Or Another” by Blondie

Farewell Circle: “We Are Young” by Fun Feat. Janelle Monae, “You Make My Dreams Come True” by Hall & Oates, “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen

Farewell Dance: “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers

<p=”text-align: left;”=””>Other Wedding Professionals</p=”text-align:>

Photographer: Catherine Rose – Wedding & Portrait Photography

Catering: RedPepper Catering

Floral Design: The Little Cart Of Blooms

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Wedding Reception | 16 April 2016 | Charlotte Simpson-Young & Jason Weeks | The Carrington, Katoomba, Blue Mountains


For the second time in a week, I made my way to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains and The Carrington Hotel, this time for Charlotte and Jason’s wedding celebration. It was an absolutely picture perfect day for their planned outdoor ceremony in Leura. From all reports it was a beautiful ceremony and was followed by drinks and cake at the location, before guests adjourned to The Lounge in The Carrington for pre-dinner drinks and canapés.

Charlotte and Jason met at a birthday party of one of Jason’s friends around November 2010. Charlotte was there because a friend of a friend of a friend was invited and did not particularly want to attend on their own. At the party besides striking up an in depth intelligent conversation, Charlotte, while getting a drink in the kitchen, went to tickle Jason’s stomach and was noticeably impressed that he had a very flat stomach. During that evening Jason also realised that there were many things that impressed him about Charlotte, not only was she also intelligent and smart, but funny and very pretty. Needless to say, they ended up being the last to leave the party. Destiny had played its card and the seeds of a beautiful relationship had now been planted.

A week or so later they went on their first date, Charlotte was meeting Jason for a drink before they headed to the Gaelic Club in Surry Hills, which was having an Irish night, where she was also meeting the two friends she went to the birthday party with. The friends, bailed at the last minute so Charlotte and Jason were on their own for the night. But it was obviously meant to be as not only did they win the door prize on the evening, but later on, a bottle of wine was up for grabs for the first person to dance for two minutes. Charlotte was the first on the dance floor and within 30 seconds or so was joined by Jason who did an Irish jig. So they also won the bottle of wine! The evening was also significant in that, Jason and Charlotte, whilst slow dancing, kissed for the very first time. About three months later they realised that they were very much in love and a little after that, as they would be apart for some time, there were some discussions about the relationship and marriage.

Fast forward to September 2014, and with the excuse of Charlotte’s upcoming birthday, Jason organised a getaway to Tasmania. On 13 September 2014 on top of Mt. Wellington, Jason proposed to Charlotte. Based on discussions, they had in the past when talking about marriage, Jason expected Charlotte to respond with, “Its about time!”, because this is what she had always said she would say when he finally proposed. But being caught completely unawares, Charlotte’s immediate reaction was to burst into tears of happiness before giving a resounding “Yes” response!

So here we were, Charlotte and Jason surrounded by their guests and celebrating the beginning of the rest of their lives. It was a wonderful evening that was interspersed with a great first dance, even though Charlotte may not think so (there were a couple of technical difficulties which appeared to have been caused by Charlotte’s dress getting in the way), wonderful speeches and LOTS of dancing right through to end the evening! I don’t think Charlotte or Jason left the dance floor except to re-hydrate once in a while. They were there amongst their family and friends having the absolute time of their lives!

As with any event where everyone is having such a wonderful time, it felt like it was over all too soon. Charlotte and Jason, thank you for the great honour and privilege you granted me the day you decided to place your trust in me. It was such a pleasure getting to know you a little, helping you plan certain aspects of your reception, witnessing the great love, fantastic relationship and meeting the beautiful families you share. It was such fun being your Blue Mountains Wedding DJ and seeing everybody truly enjoying themselves and so happy for the both of you. You both have a unique relationship and your love is so obvious (I saw a few of those sneaky little kisses and the way you looked at each other throughout the evening). This love will continue to grow and make your marriage stronger with every passing day. May love, laughter and music fill your lives forever!!

Photography and Video by DJ:Plus! Entertainment

Songs selected by Bride and Groom;

First Dance: “Jazz Suite No. 2: VI. Waltz II” ” by Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra & Ricardo Chailly; Andras Schiff

Farewell Dance: “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen

Other Wedding Professionals

Charlotte and Jason used Friends to photograph various aspects of their day. Florals were by the Groom’s Mum, Pauline and Charlotte.

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Wedding Reception | 9 April 2016 | Cassie & Ben Kirton | The Carrington, Katoomba, Blue Mountains


“No person really decides before they grow up who they are going to marry. God decides it all the way before and later on, you find out who you are stuck with.” ~ Kirsten Age 10

Cassie and Ben first met at an 18th birthday party of a mutual friend in 2008 and whilst they can’t recall the exact circumstances of the meeting, this was to be the beginning of their wonderful love story. A few months later they realised they were falling in love. Within twelve months following this, they knew they could not live without the other, but it took some time despite constant hints from family and friends for Ben to pop the question.

In May 2015 Ben arranged a trip up to the Gold Coast as part of Cassie’s Birthday celebration. He had organised a Hot Air Balloon ride on which he was intending to propose, but decided against it at the last minute and proposed before going out to dinner that evening. A surprised Cassie of course said yes and here we were celebrating this beautiful couples wedding!

Cassie and Ben exchanged vows at Our Lady of the Nativity in Lawson. Family and friends then made their way to The Carrington in Katoomba for the reception. They were greeted with canapés and drinks in the Lounge before settling into the Grand Dining Room for the evenings festivities. A short time later everybody enthusiastically welcomed the members of their wedding party but saved the biggest welcome for Cassie and Ben; who were surprised with everybody cheering and twirling napkins in the air as they entered the room!

After the entrees, we heard from Cassie’s brother Eric, Ben’s Godfather Bill and the Chaplain from Ben’s school Chris, who is affectionately known as “Chappy”. During this time we heard some wonderful heartfelt stories about Cassie and Ben, how their relationship developed and how perfect they truly are for each other. A little bit of fun then followed with the Newlywed Game.

The main meal was then enjoyed. It was then time to hear beautiful words from Matron of Honour, Abby and a humourous story or two from Best Man, Sam. Last but not least it was Ben’s turn and with Cassie standing by his side, he thanked everybody for attending, a special thank you to Cassie’s mum, Deborah and to those that had travelled before ending by thanking Cassie for being his wife and expressing how happy she had made him in doing so. The speech ended with a loving kiss for his stunning bride.

Dessert was then served, Cassie & Ben cut their wedding cake and a special first dance before being joined by the wedding party and guests on the dance floor. All too soon it was time for the bouquet and garter toss, farewell circle and a journey through a tunnel of love as Cassie and Ben departed to commence their married life together and this beautiful, intimate, loving reception came to an end.

Cassie and Ben you are both beautiful individuals and together make a very special couple. I can tell how much you are loved by your family and friends and how happy they are that you both have decided to take this next step in your relationship. I know you are both very excited about the future, your new home and the many new adventures that lie ahead. Thank you for allowing me to play some part in your very special day as your Blue Mountains Wedding DJ & MC, it was nothing but a total pleasure getting to know you both and witnessing the happiness and deep love you both have for each other. I know this love will continue to grow throughout your together forever and to reference Kristen Age 10 above, I am so glad that God decided you two should be stuck with each other! May love, laughter and music fill your lives forever!!  

Photography by DJ:Plus! Entertainment

Songs selected by Bride and Groom;

Wedding Party Entry: “Everything” by Michael Buble

Bride & Groom Entry: “True Love” by Pink

Cake Cutting: “How Sweet It Is” by James Taylor

First Dance: “Amazed” by Lonestar

Bouquet Toss: “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor

Garter Toss: “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer

Farewell Circle: “You’re My Best Friend” by Queen, “A Sky Full Of Stars” by Coldplay, “Love Never Felt So Good” by Michael Jackson Feat. Justin Timberlake, “Count On Me” by Bruno Mars

Final Farewell Song: “Ain’t Nobody” by Felix Jaehn Feat. Jasmine Thompson

Other Wedding Professionals

Photographer: Still Photography

Floral Designer: Poppies & Peas Floral Design

Cake Designer: Cake Art

Photo Booth: Sharebooth

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Wedding Reception | 18 April 2015 | Jessica & Gabriel De Oliveira | Chapel Hill Retreat, Berambing, Blue Mountains


Who would have guessed that a throw-away remark made at a night club six years ago, would lead to a wedding. Jessica was checking her phone when Gabriel walked by and made a joke along the lines of, “You can ask me for my number if you want”. Whilst Jessica’s first impression was that Gabriel was not really her type, as it happenned, by the end of the evening they ended up chatting for a little while in the car park and an exchange of telephone numbers took place. Over the next two months they chatted on the phone and via Messenger before Gabriel invited Jessica to meet for lunch, by the end of that first date they had kissed and the start of a beautiful love story had begun.

As time progressed they fell deeper and deeper in love, but it was not until they organised a last minute getaway to the Hunter Valley in June 2014 that Gabriel dropped to one knee and asked Jessica to spend the rest of her life with him as his wife. They were staying in a lovely B&B, had lunch at a up market Italian Restaurant and then decided to go for a drive – what Jessica did not know, even though they had talked about marriage, was that Gabriel was looking for a lookout so that he could propose as the sun was setting. The perfect location found, as the sun was starting to set, Gabriel popped the question to a unsuspecting Jessica. The answer? A resounding YES!

Jessica and Gabriel selected Chapel Hill Retreat, which is located at the foot of Mt Tomah and at the entrance to the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, to celebrate their marriage. With beautiful gardens and a serene mountain atmosphere, it was the perfect venue for this nature loving couple. Guests arrived whilst Jessica, Gabriel and their wedding party were having photographs taken around the grounds. They were welcomed with canapes and refreshments on the large verandah overlooking the beautiful vista.

Before long it was time to commence the festivities and celebrate. It certainly was a beautiful evening filled with lovely speeches, much fun, laughter, surprises, heartfelt moments and dancing, culminating in a totally joyous celebration. The highlight for me was Jessica & Gabriel’s first dance which had so many guests unable to control their feelings and welling up with tears of happiness for them – I even overheard comments that it was the most beautiful first dance some had ever witnessed. Then there was also the fun skit that Gabriel, ably assisted by his grooms men, did for the Garter toss. To the Mission Impossible Theme, Gabriel and the groomsmen donned dark glasses and proceeded to commence their mission of finding the lost garter! Gabriel crawling along the ground, “Tom Cruise” style and saved by his grooms men when it appeared that he was in danger as he ventured under Jessica’s dress. But of course our hero overcame many obstacles before completing the mission successfully! It was such a lot of fun!!

Jessica and Gabriel are an awesome couple and we spent a lot of time planning their day, both over the phone and face to face and it we had fun doing so. During that time, I got to know them and found them to be both humble, generous and kind souls that have a love of family and are looking forward to starting their own in the future. It was an absolute pleasure playing a part in their wedding day as their Blue Mountains Wedding MC & DJ and celebrating with them and their beautiful family and friends – thank you for allowing me the privilege; it truly was a sensational day!! Judging by the comments I received during and at the end of the evening I think we achieved in making it the fun, special celebration that was full of happiness and love you both wanted. Have a fabulous time on your honeymoon in Bali and may love, laughter and music fill your lives forever!!!

Photography and Video by DJ:Plus! Entertainment

Songs selected by Bride and Groom;

Wedding Party Entry: “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins, “Real In Rio” by The Rio Singers, “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas

Bride & Groom Entry: “Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)” by Jimmy Barnes

Cake Cutting: “Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion

First Dance: “Better Today” by Coffey Anderson

Father Daughter / Parent Dance: “I Loved Her First” by Heartland

Bouquet Toss: “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor

Garter Toss: “Mission Impossible Theme”

Farewell Circle / Circle Of Love: “Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones, “You’ve Got The Love” by Florence & The Machine, “I’m On My Way” by The Proclaimers

Final Farewell Song: “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warne

Other Wedding Professionals

Photographer: Two Birds Photography

Videographer: Blaycam Video Productions

Floral Designer: Your Floral Indugence

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