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Wedding Reception | 17 December 2016 | Cortney & Hil Yin Choi | The Tea Room QVB, Sydney


Cortney and Hil’s first encounter occurred in 2011, but it was not until 2012 that they started to interact more and a relationship began to develop. Cortney and Hil are a beautiful couple and their wedding celebration was full of family love, warmth and many emotions.

Following their ceremony earlier in the day at Barker College, Hornsby, they chose to celebrate at the Tea Room in the Queen Victoria Building, Sydney. With the room looking stunning, thanks to the lovely ladies from Decorations By Jelena, the fantastic wedding cake by Pretty Parties and the photographic and videographic skills of the team from Hugo Photography & Film, it was such a great celebration. Surrounded by family and friends, we were so privileged to witness a deep tender love that has grown despite the difficulties that these two have faced due to distance, as one was studying in Townville, Queensland and the other in Melbourne, Victoria over the past four years.

From our first meeting in the first week of this year, I could see that Hil totally and utterly adores Cortney, the way he always has his arm around her, the way he looks at her with loving eyes, she is his angel and he treats as such. Just as equally Cortney adores Hil. When they are together, they are rarely separated and Cortney just radiates joy. Together they are an awesome couple who are very deeply in love and work hard to ensure it remains that way.

During the reception there were many emotional moments for both Cortney, Hil, their respective parents, siblings and those nearest and dearest. All the speeches throughout the evening were meaningful as well as entertaining and was enjoyed by all the guests.

Around five weeks before the wedding I received an email from Hil with the subject of “Secret Song”. As nearly all my dealings in regards to the wedding had been with Cortney and her mum, Jeanie, the fact that I was receiving an email from Hil and that subject line had me more than a little curious. On opening the email, I discovered that Hil was planning to surprise Cortney by singing her a song during the wedding reception. It also asked whether I was able to provide two wireless microphones, patch in a guitar and requesting suggestions as to when would be best to sing the song. I replied with all the information he needed and asked that he confirm certain details. As I subsequently learnt during the best man’s speech, Hil is not one for returning texts and if he does, they tend to be very, very brief. This also appears to apply to emails, or so it seems – as when I did receive a response about five days prior to the wedding, it did not contain enough information for me to ensure that I was up to speed on the finer details of exactly how this was going to executed.

On the day of the wedding I came prepared with everything I could think I needed to pull this off, but was not even sure if it was going ahead – until minutes before the doors were to open to commence seating the guests, when in strolls a gentleman with a guitar. Quick patch in, tune, determine the levels and we were set. During the evening, in those rare moments when Cortney was not by his side, he was frantically going over the lyrics to the song and then following the cutting of the cake it was time for him to sing. Personally, I thought it was a beautiful moment, there are some photographs below that I managed to capture, but take a listen yourself to Hil singing Ed Sheeran’s “Tenerife Sea” to Cortney, aided by his friend, whose name I unfortunately didn’t get, on guitar and the best man, Gideon on backup vocals. The applause at the end of the song certainly verifies that it was quite a performance and a special moment.

As mentioned above, it was truly a beautiful wedding and I enjoyed every moment of my involvement in it. Cortney and Hil, thank you so much for the trust you placed in me and the honour and privilege you gave me in allowing me to play a part in this very special day as your Wedding DJ Sydney and for part of the evening, your Wedding MC Sydney. I hope you enjoyed every moment of your amazing wedding day. Based on everything I learnt about the two of you in the lead up to your wedding, you are completely perfect for each other! Your love will continue to grow even stronger with each passing day and I see nothing but a life filled with love for the both of you. Have a fabulous time on your honeymoon in New Zealand!! May, love, laughter and music fill your lives forever!!!

Photography & Video by DJ:Plus! Entertainment

Songs selected by Bride & Groom;

Wedding Party Entry: “Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Bride & Bride Entry: “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

Cake Cutting: “Only You Can Love Me This Way” by Keith Urban

First Dance: “Unchained Melody” by Righteous Brothers

Parent Dance: “Annie’s Song” by John Denver

Bouquet Toss: “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor

Farewell Dance: “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson Feat. Bruno Mars

Final Farewell: “In Your Arms” by Kina Grannis

Other Wedding Professionals

Photographer & Videographer: Hugo Photography & Film

Floral Design & Stylist: Decorations By Jelena

Cake Design: Pretty Parties

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Australian Bridal Industry Awards | 6 December 2016


Image: Courtesy of Life Image Studio Inc

For the 16th consecutive year, DJ:Plus! Entertainment has been extremely proud and humbled to be nominated by the wonderful brides & grooms that decide to give me the ultimate privilege of placing their trust in me for their very special day. Looking back over these years, DJ:Plus! Entertainment is the only DJ to be a finalist or winner each year over this entire period (whilst MC services have always been provided, in the early days, it was not possible to be in two categories, but once again, has been in every year since possible). This on it’s own shows that the service delivered is consistently high and continuously being improved.

My couples mean the world to me and giving them the day of their dreams and a beautiful beginning to a life long loving marriage is what drives me. Their love for each other is the thing of the most importance. They allow me into their lives and permit me to get to know them a little better, they share their hopes and fears with me and in doing so they touch my heart and allows me to share the love amongst their family and friends and that makes me very happy!!

So it is with the sincerest gratitude and appreciation to all my couples who not only invest their trust in me and open their hearts, that they then take the time to provide feedback to ABIA as well. Thank you, it truly means the world to me!! ~ Serge

20th New South Wales Annual Bridal Industry Awards

It is said that creating a wedding is like producing a movie. The Motion Picture Academy Awards are acknowledged throughout the world as a means of determining the best leading lady and man (Bride and Groom/Director and Producer), the best supporting cast (the Bridal Party) and the best cast (the wedding Guests).

The Australian Bridal Industry Academy Awards are also acknowledged throughout Australia as a means of determining the best wedding crews, the people and businesses behind the scenes who bring one of the greatest events in a couple’s life to fruition.

On Tuesday the 6th of December 2016, the Australian Bridal Industry Academy hosted the 20th New South Wales Annual Bridal Industry Awards at the exquisite Dockside Cockle Bay as a means of determining the best wedding crews in New South Wales. A total of 37 categories were acknowledged for the contribution, which they make to the wedding industry. 

A grand total of 6,416 New South Wales couples selected 423 nominees, 290 finalists and 37 winners. Representing location venues, camera people, beauty stylists, fashion designers, musicians and entertainers, transport, jewellery, set designers and stylists, food and catering, hire and special services for what was a spectacular showcase of New South Wales’ Best V.O.W.S. (Vendors Of Wedding Services).

The Chairman of ABIA, Mr John O’ Meara congratulated DJ:Plus! Entertainment as a Finalist of the Australian Bridal Industry Academy Award. Mr O’ Meara went onto say that it was businesses like DJ:Plus! Entertainment which enhanced and enriched the industry, through their tireless pursuit of excellence in Designing the Dream for each and every one of their unique wedding couples.

On behalf of all the New South Wales couples who tied the knot over 2015/2016, we say thank you DJ:Plus! Entertainment for the passion, pride and professionalism which you bring to the wedding industry and the assistance, advice and support which you bestow upon the future brides and grooms of New South Wales.

3rd - Best Wedding MC Sydney NSW

Finalist - Best Wedding DJ Sydney NSW

Finalist - Best Wedding Ceremony Music Sydney NSW


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Australian Bridal Industry Awards | 8 December 2015



One of New South Wales finest Vendors Of Wedding Services (V.O.W.S.). DJ:Plus! Entertainment was honoured at the 19th NSW Annual Bridal Industry Awards held at Dockside Cockle Bay on Tuesday the 8th of December 2015.

The ABIA’s are a much sought-after Award for V.O.W.S. as they are determined solely by past brides and grooms who have been through the oftentimes, exhaustive process of selecting V.O.W.S who not only possess the aptitude and talent to design and deliver the dream of the perfect day, but also have the skill and composure to cope with even the most challenging of brides.

The Chairman of the ABIA, Mr John O’ Meara congratulated DJ:Plus! Entertainment on the achievement as a Winner and Finalist in their wedding categories. Mr O’ Meara said that DJ:Plus! Entertainment should be extremely proud of the achievement especially when one considers that there are an estimated 40,000 businesses servicing the $3.2 billion wedding marketplace in Australia.

O’ Meara went onto say that it was business like DJ:Plus! Entertainment who complimented and elevated the wedding industry with their attention to detail and the pride, passion and professional manner in which they delivered their wedding product to the customer.

All ABIA Award Finalists and Winners are judged by their past wedding clients based on the Quality of Product, Quality of Service, Value for Money and Attitude of Staff, before, during and/or after the wedding day.

The Annual Bridal Industry Awards are held each year in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

End of Press Release

Best Wedding MC NSW

Finalist Best Wedding DJ NSW

Finalist Best Wedding Ceremony Music


It is truly such an unbelievable honour to be entrusted with a couple’s wedding day. Thank you to all my couples for this honour you give me, the friendship, the laughs and for allowing me to witness the love you share. I am greatly humbled. Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!!

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DJ:Plus! Entertainment Winner Best Wedding DJ Sydney, NSW & Australia at 2015 Wedding Industry Experts Awards


Wow! I am just a little speechless and still in shock. Just been informed that for the fourth consecutive year, at the Wedding Industry Experts Awards for 2015, DJ:Plus! Entertainment has been awarded;

Winner: Most Popular Disc Jockey – Sydney
Winner: Most Popular Disc Jockey – New South Wales
Winner: Most Popular Disc Jockey – Australia

So extremely honoured to be awarded the Most Popular Wedding DJ in my city, state and country and considered Best Wedding DJ Sydney, Best Wedding DJ NSW, and Best Wedding DJ in Australia. My couples are very special to me and being entrusted with their wedding day, the day they promise themselves to each other, the day they vow to love and cherish one another for the rest of their lives, the day they become husband and wife, the day two become one, is certainly not something I take lightly.  Accordingly I give my all to ensure it is the best celebration it can possibly be.

Love and happiness fuels my passion for weddings and to create beautiful memories, connections and if through something I do, in this age of disposable marriage, can inspire a couple during difficult times, to think back to how much love filled them both on their wedding day, there is hopefully a far better chance that they will work on the intentional effort it takes to make each day better than the day before, resolve any issues and to continue falling in love with each other, over and over again – till the end of time.

Thank you to all my beautiful couples that invite me to their wedding as either their Wedding MC and/or Wedding DJ, it is you and your love for each other that makes the wedding journey such a joy and a whole heap of fun!! Love you all!

Winner Most Popular (Best) Wedding DJ Australia 2015

Winner Most Popular (Best) Wedding DJ NSW 2015

Winner Most Popular (Best) Wedding DJ Sydney 2015


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Australian Bridal Industry Awards | 2 December 2014


On Tuesday 2 December 2014, DJ:Plus! Entertainment was once again recognised as one of the state’s Best Wedding MC & DJ Entertainers by ABIA at the 18th NSW Annual Bridal Industry Awards. Taking out runner-up in the Master Of Ceremonies Category, DJ:Plus! Entertainment was also a finalist in the Disc Jockey and Ceremony Music Categories. Consistently a finalist or winner each and every year since 2001, DJ:Plus! Entertainment’s continued success at these prestigious awards is a testament to the passion and hard work invested into each and every wedding that I am given the honour to be a part of.

The Australian Bridal Industry Awards are voted on by newlyweds rating and reviewing suppliers based on the ‘Quality of Product’, ‘Quality of Service’, ‘Value for Money’ and ‘Attitude of Staff’ of each of the nominated wedding suppliers. The ratings are collated and used to determine who were, in the opinion of the voting newlyweds, the best suppliers of each wedding category.





I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to all my beautiful brides & grooms that took the time to provide feedback on their wedding experience using my services to ABIA. You all give the greatest honour to be a part of this milestone event in your lives, it is something which means the world to me and something which I never take for granted. I look forward to help create many more wonderful memories throughout 2015 and beyond.

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