Everybody wants their party to be lots of fun. You also, can ensure your Event is the success it deserves to be. All you need to do is consider a few important factors. I will explain these factors and how DJ:Plus! Entertainment can assist you in ensuring your celebration IS a success and lots of FUN!!

Whilst every aspect of your Event needs to be carefully planned, it is important to consider that in a few years time, what exactly will your guests remember about your celebration?

  • Will they remember the food?
  • Will they remember the flower arrangements?
  • Will they remember how the room was decorated?

Your guests will probably not remember any of these things. What they will remember is how much fun they did or didn’t have. What can make your party fun and memorable? High quality professional entertainment WILL make your party fun and memorable.

Even if the food, flowers and room are not quite perfect, the right entertainment can make your celebration a huge success. On the other hand, you could spend thousands of dollars on the finest catering, ballrooms, flowers, etc. and have a party which ends up being a disaster because you hired the wrong entertainment. Clearly, your entertainment choices must be made carefully.

DJ:Plus! Entertainment is a professional accredited award winning disc jockey and master of ceremonies service.

With a professional sound system, a large music collection and the utmost personal attention to your requirements, DJ:Plus! Entertainment WILL make your party the success it should be. I will MC your event, involve guests and co-ordinate special events (like speeches, cake-cutting, special announcements, etc.) with any other party professionals (i.e. caterer, photographer, videographer, etc.) ensuring the smooth running of your celebration. I will constantly read the crowd, program appropriate music and initiate guest involvement to create and maintain a FUN party atmosphere, whilst guaranteeing that the guest/s of honour remains the focus of attention.

I am a small operation and do not sub-contract excess jobs out to other DJs. I pride myself on being able to offer you personal one-on-one service. You deserve nothing less. I can assist with planning the proper flow of events and in selecting the perfect music for your event based on your ideas and personal preferences. You will then be able to relax and enjoy every moment knowing that all these details have been taken care of. This will result in a memorable celebration that will reflect your own style, enjoyable to all who attend.